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The Truth About Nicki Minaj And Marc Jacobs

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Nicki Minaj got the World rumbling over her latest high fashion photos on Instagram. The iconic rap star posed in a series of photos captioned “The Harajuku Barbie introducing the Heaven Campaign by Marc Jacobs.” People were wondering what was going on with Nicki Minaj and Marc Jacobs? Fans were wondering if this would be a collaboration like her Fendi drop. As a fan of both Nicki Minaj and Marc Jacobs, we were hoping for a collection. Check out what’s going on with these two powerhouses below.

Nicki Minaj and Marc Jacobs
Via Nicki Minaj Instagram

What Is The Marc Jacobs Heaven Campaign?

Marc Jacobs’ Heaven Campaign is how he reinvented himself as a designer due to Covid, as most designers did. Heaven gives a perspective of toughness and rebellion. Jacobs’ line is a modern take on the grunge era, something we don’t get plenty of. People are feeling nostalgic and are missing the 90s fashion, memories, and music. The Heaven Campaign is an ode to the psychedelic FRUiTS style. The Japanese street style Bible ‘FRUiTS’ was founded by Shoichi Aoki in 1997. This monthly magazine served as a portal to Japanese street style which heavily featured Marc Jacobs. Fashion movements that were introduced were gothic lolitas, ganguro girls, and the harajuku girls. Which brings is to the Harajuku Barbie.

What Does Nicki Minaj Have To Do With The Heaven Campaign?

Nicki Minaj and Marc Jacobs

Nicki Minaj has captivated our hearts over an entire decade with her immense talent on the mic. Minaj’s versatility and her alter egos helped catapult her to superstardom. However, one of her most popular egos is “The Harajuku Barbie.” Nicki’s Harajuku Barbie is an imaginative, fun, girly girl who loves pink. So, it was only fitting for Marc Jacobs to tap Nicki Minaj for his ode to Japanese Style. Minaj is currently gearing up to drop a new album so, the star was a perfect choice for this campaign.

Shop The Heaven Collection Here.

How Do You Feel About The Nicki Minaj And Marc Jacobs Collab?

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