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Hat Trends

Splurge On These Hat Trends Now

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If you’re anything like me, when you shop, hats are probably the last thing on your list. We all have our guilty pleasures, no matter how many bags and pairs of shoes I own, I always have room for more. In fact I can’t go shopping without adding those things to my cart every single time. This season I am turning my focus to emerging hat trends. I’m not looking for trends that come and go, but I am looking for those that will last through winter. I found a few runway hat trends that will possibly be a staple rather than a fad. Below I list hat trends worth splurging on so take a look.

Boater Hat Trends

Beyonce’ has been the face of boater hats to me. She knows just how to bring a trend to life and in the most modern way. I have seen her incorporate boater hats time and time again and it always looks polished. She is giving all of us a bit more confidence to wear this hat style and be more comfortable with trying something different.


Fedora’s have been around forever They always seem to bring the perfect touch to an outfit. This hat can go with a casual look or a dressy look flawlessly! I have watched a fedora take an outfit to the next level and bring everything together in a way the perfect shoes can. Owning a set of fedora’s in neutral colors, will always go well with the changing of the seasons.

Bucket Hat Trends

Bucket hats grew popular in the 80s until the early 2000’s. Since then they have been trying to claw their way back into the mainstream. I think this year they have finally won us over. Rihanna has been popping out in bucket hats over the past five years and the internet goes insane every single time. This last time seemed to stick because I am seeing the bucket hat trend on everyone everywhere.

Cowboy Hats

Being from Texas is no longer a requirement because, cowboy hats have always been in style. They have been modernized in the past few years, so they can be worn in a variety of ways. A leather, suede, or embellished hat will give your outfits a hint of cuteness people won’t be able to get over. Cowboy hats have become a staple in bridal photos and made photos more relaxed rather than stuffy.

Oversized Hats Are A Thing

This hat trend is by far my favorite! I am a devout fan of any fashion item that is oversized, so you can imagine how this trend made me feel. I have been following oversized hats forever and have always had an attraction to them. Old Hollywood starlets, my favorite singers, and modern day actresses have always grabbed my attention with this accessory. This hat photographs well and adds sleek sophistication to a look.

Statement Hats

Hat Trends

Anything that is making a statement is my guilty pleasure. Owning an item that looks weird, or gives anyone pause to try to pull off, is almost automatically added to my closet. I love trying new things and being a little off kilter with my accessory choices. These hats belong more in the statement hat category than anywhere else. We love to see our favorite celebrities wear a statement hat and have us scrambling google, trying to figure out where to get it and who made it. 

I’m going to be adding hat trends to my wardrobe all summer long. Let me know in the comments what your favorite hat trend is and which ones you will be adding to your wardrobe. 


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