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Today a man told me he didn't like my beauty voting post on the Snob Queens homepage. Although no reasoning was given for why he didn’t like it, I’m gathering it was because it didn’t resonate with him personally. Honestly my blog isn’t built for men and what I mean by that is men aren’t in my target audience, so it is okay if anyone doesn’t like it. The reason this gentleman came onto that post in the first place was because I linked it in a group on Facebook for comment, being it was the most recent thing I had done. Initially in my mind I’m thinking he could’ve voted for which look he finds most attractive in the opposite sex. Based on the way men are criticizing black women especially for wearing makeup, weave, or being the most problematic race to build a life with, I thought there would be opinions galore! Neither here nor there, he inspired me to write about why I have the blog Snob Queens and why it’s so important to me.

Let me start off by saying everything I create, put my name on, or take part in serves a purpose. It isn’t for attention, or any meaningless rewards, the things I create are always for a cause. Snob Queens was made because I love fashion, high fashion to be clear. Since I was a little girl, the number of black women I have seen represented in any way in the fashion industry was so miniscule; I didn’t think black women were welcome in the fashion world. To an extent they honestly weren’t, there was a time only a  certain number of black women could be represented in a fashion show. The number is increasing today but there is still a huge gap racially in the fashion industry.

Currently the number of black women seen on the cover of fashion magazines, fashion blogs, and on the front row of fashion shows still dwindle. I created Snob Queens because there wasn’t a blog covering black women solely based on their style.

The same style that ends up on more European models are more acceptable than when the black women who originated it wore it. I’m not one of those people that believe a woman of any other race can’t wear the same clothing or hairstyles. I am a person that believes if our style is good enough to mimic, we’re good enough to represent it in mainstream.  

Then when I would see blogs, or black targeted publications cover stylish black women it would be under 3 circumstances:

1.       The black woman would only be memorable if all of her negative transgressions were posted before even mentioning her name.

2.       They covered everything black: fashion, music, movies, etc.

3. They're pitted against each other.

I don’t speak negatively about any woman because I’d rather uplift her than bring her down and when there are so many others willing to do this especially in the black race, why should I join in? Instead I decided to create a place, I could post black female celebrities and just shine a light on how fly these Queens truly are and one day I could interview these women and ask the same questions they don’t get asked in mainstream fashion.

No, I am not racist.

Yes, I run an all-inclusive fashion blog as well.

Yes, I am putting the spotlight on one race because no one else will.

No, I am not saving lives, but I am fighting for more inclusion in the industry I love, so my little girl may stand a chance at seeing something differently than I did when I was growing up.

Welcome To Snob Queens





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