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Skincare Secret You Need To Splurge On

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Skincare Secret Unlocked

While updating my skincare routine I came across an essential skincare secret I just had to add to my beauty routine! On my journey I discovered how a skincare refrigerator could change your skins life. There has always been suspense around what this type of refrigerator did for products and the importance of owning one. Is it just another beauty industry money grab? Well, I did my research and I have answers Snobbies! Some may say its not needed and may argue that temperature wont affect shelf life on skincare products, but after some consideration I beg to differ. Implementing these changes can benefit your skin.

Benefits Of Skincare Fridge

Refrigerated products are better at de-puffing and boosting the circulation rather than room temperature items. Refrigerating slows oxidation and keeps the product from becoming inactive since, products oxidize once they hit the air. In fact, keeping your skincare in the bathroom might not be the best thing. The room temperature changes when you take those hot relaxing showers and can alter the potency of your products. By keeping your products in the fridge you might actually boost the results you see. Cold skincare soothes and calms irritation in the skin and also tightens the skin. The cool feeling against your skin doesn’t hurt either!

Skincare Items To Refrigerate

Natural skin products as well as anything containing vitamin C will benefit from the cold. Organic products made without preservatives need to be treated like fresh produce because, they spoil more quickly. The act of storing these products in the fridge also prevent the growth of bacteria.

One of the most obvious candidates for cold storage is eye cream. When your eye cream is chilled, it can help deflate under-eye bags quicker. That way your eye cream lasts longer and is more effective.

Those products that help boost radiance, bring down swelling and soothe the face after treatments. These skincare products include: sheet masks, face mists, serums and sprays.

The final item is actually a skincare tool. A facial roller can help boost lymphatic drainage for a more sculpted and a firmer feel to your skin when chilled.

Snobbies Did You Already Know This Skincare Secret? Would You Buy A Skincare Refrigerator?


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