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Short Hairstyles That Easily Keep The Heat Off

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The summers have been getting hotter every year and having long hair isn’t always it. When I was growing up I would spend my summers in Louisiana, Texas, and Florida, so you can imagine how hot it was; I would cut my hair off every summer. During those years I would try the trendiest hair cuts out at the time. That got me thinking, I’m sure there are other women who cut their hair during the summer, just to stay cool. If you’re looking for short hairstyles inspiration, look no further our queens have had it covered for a long time.

The Toni Braxton

short hairstyles

Immediately when I think of short hairstyles Toni Braxton pops into my mind. Her pixie haircut was so iconic on her it became dubbed “The Toni Braxton hairstyle.” The 90s R&B short hairstyle, became a beauty staple when thinking of the decade.

Bob Hairstyles

short hairstyles

During the 2010’s we saw a lot of bobs thanks to Rihanna and Nicki Minaj bobs were every length, angle, and color. This short hairstyle is probably the most versatile out of all the other haircuts. This cut can be considered long and can be cut asymmetrical. A long bob normally goes right past the shoulders and it is my absolute favorite especially when it is full and thick.

Bowl Cuts

The bowl cut is probably the least aesthetically pleasing of these haircuts. The reason behind that is because when thinking of bowl cuts, immediately I think of Barney Rubble, Moe of the 3 stooges, and other men. This haircut is hard to pull off if you don’t have the correct height and volume of the cut. Head shape and face shape also factor into this haircut. I don’t think can be pulled off by everyone, however those that have rocked it have worn it very well and made me completely jealous!

Pixie Hairstyles

The pixie cut is a go-to cut just about every woman has tried once in their lifetime. This haircut is cropped into layers and has an intricate look to it once it is styled. This haircut is never out of style and is always on trend. No matter what hair trends are taking over, there are still those who return back to this cut. Halle Berry recently returned to the pixie cut and her longtime fans fell in love all over again.

Finger Waves

short hairstyles
short hairstyles

I remember seeing finger waves in two ways when I was growing up. The first way was in Old Hollywood Glamour where the hair was not so short as seen in this example. This versatile hairstyle has been around a long time. These waves make a definite pop when they have color and can be large or small.

What Are Some Of Your Favorite Short Hairstyles To Wear In The Summertime?


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