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Rihanna Reveals She Would Love Beyonce For Savage X

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Rihanna And Bey Collab

Fans have been clamoring for a Rihanna and Bey collab for over a decade now, but Rihanna gave fans something to fantasize over recently involving the two. During an episode of E! News Rihanna, dished about who her dream model would be for Savage X Fenty. “Beyoncé,” Rihanna told E! News. “I mean, Beyoncé got body. That would just trump everything for me” She ain’t never lied either! Beyonce modeling for Rihanna’s lingerie brand would absolutely have us talking for at least a year. I have only watched one Savage show, and yes I know I’m behind, but it’s not a typical runway show and I commend Rihanna for that. It’s a nice show and I have my tweaks, (but I always do).

Beyonce Would Beyonce That Thang

Rihanna is smart, creative, and knows her way around fashion clearly. Beyonce is not doing a live fashion show unless the production is absolutely right. There would be tweaks here and there of her imprint but I don’t think it would be anything Rihanna wouldn’t love. The two of these women would make fireworks with this potential collaboration. Rihanna’s lingerie, Beyonce’s aesthetic, and a crazy amount of funds to make this a movement would be CRAZY!

The Rihanna And Bey Collab

Snobbies would you be excited to see a potential Rihanna and Bey collab even if it isn’t music? Maybe we could see Beyonce in Savage X Fenty and Rihanna in an Ivy Park campaign. Personally I would love to see the two collab in fashion, because I think it would do wonders for both brands. Beyonce has the perfect sex appeal for Rihanna’s brand. Rihanna has the perfect laid back vibe for Beyonce’s athleisure line.

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Rihanna and Bey Collab

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