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Why The Met Gala Was A Colossal Failure

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The 2022 Met Gala had me very excited to see what the stars would do with this glamorous theme. If you are not familiar with the Met Gala the goal is to be in costume. The job of the celebrity and designer is to agree on something that matches the theme and make it modern. The 2022 Met Gala theme was the Gilded Age which, lasted from 1877-1896.

Examples Of Fashion During The Gilded Age. Via met

Why The Gilded Era?

Fashion trends let us know what is happening politically and economically. The thing about that is fashion is also always a season ahead, so this was an outlook of our current economy. Gilded refers to a thin layer of shiny gold while the inside is not as glamorous. The gilded era was coined by Mark Twain, the era promised splendor and wealth, which was a facade. Once the theme was announced we anticipated undeniable glamour however, we never saw this. This puts the majority completely on theme. What we expected is not what we received when we watched the red carpet.

Why The Met Gala Theme Failed?

  • The Theme Changed: Previously the theme was an anthology of American fashion celebrating unsung heroes behind American Fashion. However, the dress code focused on the Gilded Era.
  • Celebrities Were Confused: Some stars channeled old Hollywood glamour, picking the 1950s which could pass for splendor and wealth, but it wasn’t what the theme called for. The style of dress isn’t remotely the same and it’s a bit of a cop out.
  • Designers Were Looking For A Moment: We also want to see the designers imagination, we don’t want to see attendees in something that walked the runway recently.

When this event takes place, the audience wants to experience a different time or feel inspired by what they see. Designers are to create an experience with their designs. Collaborating with a client is meant to bring a unique, but modern twist to the theme. A lot of what we saw on the carpet was underwhelming.

Examples Of Fashion During The Gilded Age. Via

Who Actually Showed Up On Theme?

For instance, Nicki Minaj, Normani, Tessa Thompson, and Sza clearly did their research and chose a designer who would listen. The modern twist on the late 1800s was spot on. I immediately understood the twist that modernized the looks. The easiest thing to do was modernize the bustle and add a corset. Those two elements gave 1800s right away. The gilded era would be effectively displayed had the celebrities and their designers stuck to the era. Costume events are supposed to be fun and its exciting when people stick to the theme. I think too many “celebrities,” are being invited to events and just want the camera time. All I ask for is do a little research and follow the theme.

Nicki Minaj Met Gala
Normani Met Gala
Sza Met Gala
Ciara Met Gala
Chloe Bailey Met Gala
Naomi Campbell Met Gala
Tessa Thompson Met Gala
Megan Thee Stallion Met Gala
Laura Harrier Met Gala
Teyana Taylor Met Gala
La La Met Gala

Snobbies who do you think followed the theme at the Met Gala? Who do you wish would’ve done something different? Which look is your favorite? Let us know below in the comments.


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