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Novelty Bags Worth Adding Now

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I absolutely love novelty bags, they bring individuality and uniqueness to any outfit. For those who don’t know what a novelty bag is, it’s a statement piece that is shaped like an everyday item. It goes beyond the bounds of structured boxy shapes, and takes on the life of whatever item it’s modeled after. My affinity for these types of bags go beyond what’s trendy right now. Novelty bags remind me of all the trinkets and household items used in the 1950s I find myself drawn to today. These bags are collectable and worth looking back on decades from now.

Mary Frances

Novelty Bags

Mary Frances makes intricately beaded novelty bags from $115 and up, giving those of us interested in a quality novelty bag a chance to partake in the experience. These bags are based in San Francisco, CA and have been around for over ten years, building an empire. This brand gives an option that is still blingy, eye-catching, and affordable. “Her goal is to bring a sense of joy and beauty through her designs and create meaningful relationships in the process.” However, one of the thoughts that go behind these designs is there is truly something for everyone. This mindset has allowed Mary Frances to become one of the fastest growing private owned companies in America. Take a look below at some of my favorite Mary Frances bag designs.

Judith Leiber

Novelty Bags

The most popular of quirky bags are the Judith Leiber bags seen on Beyonce, Alicia Keys, and many more. Judith Leiber has been around since 1963, but they weren’t known for quirky bags at the time. The brand began with selling green calfskin bags, then moved to green snakeskin bags. Eventually the brand expanded to other materials and colors making Leiber bags a classic must have. The Leiber brand took a huge step from classic to couture when they began making novelty bags. When the Sex And The City Movie aired in 2008 the cupcake purse shoved the brand into worldwide spotlight. The iconic brand had celebrities clamoring to their novelty bags looking, for fun and individuality. The Leiber novelty bags are made of crystals giving that look of shine and bling. Aside from the unique designs of the bags the crystals make them look unique and expensive.

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