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Michelle Obama Perspective On Natural Hair In The White House

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While promoting her book Michelle Obama opened up about the woes of wearing her natural hair in the White House. The former First Lady stated she didn’t feel America would be ready for her natural hair. According to the Washington Post, Obama said she decided to straighten her hair as the American people were “just getting adjusted” to having a Black first family. She feared her hair would be politicized and decided to avoid racist questions about her hair. Obama shared she contemplated braids, but kept her hair straight to keep the focus on the job. During the Obama’s tenure there were plenty of viral videos about natural hair discrimination. If Obama wanted to wear a natural style doing so would have spoken volumes during those times.

Michelle Obama’s Natural Hair Is A Distraction

Michelle Obama Natural Hair
Michelle Obama Natural Hair

I understand Obama wanted to support her husband in the most important role in the country. Her hair would have been a huge distraction in the media and it should have been. In no way am I saying Michelle Obama had to take on the burdens of every black woman. I truly don’t think the media storm would have lasted very long. She confirmed wanting to wear her natural hair, and braids because it’s easier. Seeing her do this one time would have been pivital. I don’t think it would have solved natural hair discrimination, but brought proper attention to it. Maybe had she done it periodically and allowed questions, there may have been a small boost of confidence in embracing who we are wherever we are.

Let Our Hair Make Them Uncomfortable

The former first lady’s reasoning “America wasn’t ready,” and let’s focus on policy is a smidge of a cop out. She was in the most powerful office at the time and black hair wasn’t a new issue. It was an avoided issue. Obama decided to give a look that is universally accepted for someone else’s comfort. The question we should be asking is: Why does MY hair growing from my scalp make ANYONE uncomfortable? I have heard, it is: “un-American, wild, big, untamed, and unprofessional.” That makes absolutely no sense. The same hair styles that makes America uncomfortable are the same hair styles copied all the time by other ethnicities and only then are these hairstyles acceptable. Cornrows, box braids, afros, and dreadlocks going down the runway on white women are the next fashion trend and acceptable. However, black women who have culturally worn these hairstyles for centuries are taboo.

What Is The Natural Hair Issue?

Michelle Obama Natural Hair
Michelle Obama Natural Hair

The issue would not have been her hairstyle. The issue would be she did it in the highest office and her skin was a bit too dark for America’s acceptance. Like I said I understand she didn’t want to move forward with the questioning about her hair. I hate she had to limit herself because, America wasn’t ready.

Would You Have Liked To See Former First Lady Michelle Obama Wear Her Natural Hair Once In The White House?

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