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Last Minute Mothers Day Gift Guide

Last Minute Mothers Day Gift Guide

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Mothers Day is only a few days away and we know everyone is still trying to get a sense of normalcy. While getting back to the regular degular we know some of you may not realize how fast the days are going by, So we made a last minute Mothers Day gift guide to help you get the perfect piece in your area. Forget about the long shipping times and try curbside pickup or going into the stores for a quick shopping trip.

Neutral/Pastel Bags

For some reason the lighter colored the bag is the more it screams mothers day. I’m a fairly new mom, so as much as I love my large structured bags, I am leaning towards large tote bags. I just want to be able to throw my items in the bag and get a move on. My mother loves a structured bag, which makes sense, she’s not in a hurry to leave before spit-up is on her blouse for the fifth time by 9am. My aunt is always on the go, she loves a crossbody and she doesn’t carry anything more than her essentials. All of these bags are great options for Mothers Day and can be found at Target, Marshall’s, TJ Maxx, Nordstrom, Coach, Kate Spade, pretty much any and everywhere. Here are a few of our favorites below:


Buying pieces of jewelry for mom may seem repetitive and a bit cliche. Here’s where we come in with a different approach to your jewelry shopping for mom. Get your mother pieces she can wear daily. Jewelry from department stores and fast chain retailers make an awesome bling basket. 


Nothing says “I Love You” to a woman like a brand new pair of shoes. Mom can always use new shoes whether she has a faithful favorite or mountains of shoes. Above all, women always need new shoes and are always excited to open a shoe box. Trust me your mom will appreciate a new pair of fancy footwear!


This idea is probably in my top 3 because of how much I love skincare and self-care. I know black twitter is trying to get away from the harsh chemicals in Bath & Bodyworks. Honestly, I can’t get enough of the stress relief and sleep products, but I’m going to drop a few black owned skincare lines as well as candle companies, I wouldn’t mind giving a try. Aside from skincare, making a basket of makeup and other beauty items will definitely be welcome. Mom won’t have to repurchase her favorites for a while and she will definitely be grateful you pay attention to detail. 

Home Decor

Home decor is definitely at the top of my list. I am redecorating my home now, so getting my favorite pieces would definitely be a much appreciated gift. Refreshing your moms favorite room could definitely go a long way in making her feel comfortable, saving her  a few bucks, and giving her a modern upgrade. A set of pillow inserts and new pillowcases, candles, new books, and a new chair from your local Target or Homegoods will make a perfect cozy area for mom to relax. There are so many different directions you can tap into when it comes to home decor. 

Gift Cards

Many people believe gift cards are impersonal and definite deal breakers in relationships. (Personally, I love a gift card!) However, if you’re a person that believes gift cards only are the worst gift idea ever, buy something to go with it. A personal card or one of the gifts from this list with a gift card is a perfect idea.  

Last Minute Mothers Day Gift


Last but not least, to round out your last minute mothers day gift guide, are garments. Updating your moms wardrobe is always welcome. You know her style, and you know what she needs in most cases. Getting her a new blouse, she can wear to do her favorite hobby. Or a new casual dress, since the weather is getting warmer. A new outfit for work and a new piece of outerwear are all ideas that are perfect for Mothers Day.  

What Last Minute Gift Will You Buy?

This list includes a bunch of ideas that can be executed locally. You don’t have to worry with tracking and can probably complete most of your shopping via curbside pickup. These gifts can also be used collectively to make mom a nice gift basket.

Let us know what you think of this list in the comments.

Do You Think Gift Cards Are Impersonal?


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