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Keep Your Curls Poppin With These 5 Hair Brands

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How do you keep your curls poppin? Do you use everything, but the kitchen sink with no clue of what actually works? If you are a Snobbie with a set of natural or chemically processed curls you are going to want to read the top 5 product lines that will have everyone wishing they had your curls.

As I Am Jamaican Black Castor Oil

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As I Am Jamaican Black Castor Oil line and from the original line As I Am launch the Coconut Co-wash and the Curling Jelly are products that allow curls to form with no white cast or crunchiness.

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Mane Choice Fro The Culture

Do It FRO The Culture Collection Curls The Mane Choice Fro The Culture line, has made me a Mane Choice lover! It makes my hair feel clean but not stripped. Moisturized and shiny, but not greasy. The Gel gives you hold without the dryness and the crunchiness. This Line has made be want to try more of the lines from the Mane Choice

If you guys have a favorite LET ME KNOW!

Amika Hair Care

Amika For Curls

The Amika Hair Care Triple rx Collection has gotten my hair through some of its roughest times. When I get busy and start to neglect my hair, which I know is a habit that most of us naturalistas have. The triple rx shampoo, conditioner,  mask, leave in conditioner, and hydrating conditioner have been my life savers. The mask is the first thing i grab when my hair feels dry and like i may have overdone it. It bounces my hair back  after just a 15 minute treatment. The shampoo, conditioner, and leave-in also give my hair a soft and moisturized feel. Most of the time I use the hydrating conditioner as a styler because it makes my curls pop so well. Amika Hair Care is a bit pricey but absolutely worth the price tag!

Pattern Beauty

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Pattern Beauty is new to the market and the shampoo, conditioner, and leave in are amazing! Tracee Ellis Ross made sure that if you are using her line you are getting the salon quality that you want in your own bathroom. This line is a bit expensive, but if you want your hair to be in its best condition you should definitely give this whole line a try. You can even purchase the travel sizes to give the line a try without completely breaking the bank. 

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Aphogee is the holy grail of must haves consisting of: 2-Step Protein Treatment,  Balancing Moisturizer and Keratin & Green Tea Spray. These products will restore your hairs PH balance and give life back to limp no life hair. You will literally see and feel a difference in your hair after was


Were Any Of Your Favorite Product Lines Mentioned? Let Us Know What Keeps Your Curls Poppin In The Comments!

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