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Important Reasons Why You Should Wear a Sports Bra

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Two or three decades ago, the sports bra was worn mainly by professional female athletes. Thankfully, the narrative is no longer the same as more women see the essence of sports bras. Kelly Rowland has shown us with her fabletics partnership a sports bra doesn’t take away from your personal style. As proof of this assertion, a 2019 Statista survey indicated that more than 20% of women wear them several times a week. Furthermore, these women were found to be in the age bracket of 36 and 50 years. If you’re not a lover of them, read further to see why you should be.

Prevent saggy breasts

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We don’t know a snobbie that wants sagging breasts, but here is what we do know. Surveys spanning from 2009 to 2019 have revealed that more than 70% of women who wear sports bras do so to prevent their breasts from sagging earlier than they should. Naturally, a woman’s breasts tend to lose their bounce and upright look after a certain age. (40+). However, certain physiological or external factors can account for the early sagging of breasts. It is why some females experience drooping in their breasts while in their mid to late teens. The question, though, is why sagging happens.

Sagging happens due to a lack of skin elasticity. When the breasts begin to develop, the bounce you usually notice is due to excellent skin elasticity. However, over time, this changes and results in noticeable drooping. Some factors accounting for this are:

  • Aging and some lifestyle factors such as smoking
  • Excess weight gain or loss
  • Unsupportive bras.

Sports bras are designed to provide maximum support for your chest area to avoid discomfort. Indeed, over time, your breast tissue will break down, but you can slow down the process by wearing a good sports bra.Thankfully, you will get top-quality sports bras on websites like

Sports Bras Can Improve Posture And Relieve Muscle Tension

This is particularly important for those with heavier busts. Unsupported big breasts put a lot of strain on the shoulder muscles and sometimes in the back. If you are busty, you need a durable and high-quality sports bra to hold your chest area up. By doing so, you automatically improve your posture because the sports bra takes up all the weight, leaving your chest feeling lighter than it would have been without it.

Additionally, sports bras are more popular today because more women are working out than before. Therefore, as part of their workout gear, sports bras are a constant feature.

Sports Bras Are Trendy

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Trends come and go, but with the intense competition in sports bra designs, it is highly impossible to go out of style. Today, you will find them in vibrant colors, cuts, and fabrics that appeal to fashionable women. Even better, more black designers are making the sports bra trendier than ever. Also, don’t be surprised to see females wearing stylish sports bras as visible apparel to match bottoms in professional athletics. 

Hopefully, now, you can decide whether or not to wear sports bras for gyming or when you have some intense physical activity to carry out. Thankfully, you don’t have to be doing either to get the support you need. Beyoncé, Megan Thee Stallion, and Nicki Minaj are just a few that have taken athleisure to a chic level. Making the sports bra a serious fashion statement whether you’re running errands or hitting the gym with your friends. There are several varieties and sizes to pick from to serve your purpose. Stay stylish with a few of our picks below:

Snobbies Are You Already A Sports Bra Hoarder? What Brand Is Your Fave?


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