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Halle Berry's Pixie Cut

Halle Berry’s Pixie Cut Will Make You Revisit Early 2000’s

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Halle Berry’s Pixie Cut Is A Staple

Seeing Halle Berry out and about is always a treat. Berry has never been one to shy away from a signature look. The first staple that comes to mind is Halle Berry’s pixie cut. Throughout the 90s and 2000’s beauty trends changed and the stars continuously modernized their staples. Lately we find ourselves wanting to go back to those times, times before mask mandates and social distancing. Reminiscing about what it was like in the 90s when Halle Berry was one of the standout stars with a pixie cut, constantly navigating different hairstyles to fit different acting roles. One of her standout roles was Storm in X-Men where she donned a long white wig with bangs. As the franchise continued her roles became bigger and Storm became more stylish. Throughout the subsequent films Berry’s hair would be on par with the trends eventually turning into her go to pixie cut.

Halle Berry's Pixie Cut

Storm Is Back?

Halle Berry attended the 2022 Critics Choice Awards immediately trickling nostalgia upon us. The Oscar winner debuted a blonde pixie cut reminiscent of her X-Men character. She pulled the look off so well spectators were questioning the likelihood of Berry reprising the role. Styled by Sara Seward Halle Berry’s pixie cut was dark brown with layers of blonde on top. The blonde layers of the pixie undercut framed her face just right giving a modern twist. It felt good and almost gave a sense of normalcy to see her rocking a familiar hairstyle. Everyone needs a sense of normalcy and a bit of nostalgia here and there to bring about hopefulness after what we’ve been through. We absolutely love Berry in any hairstyle, but the pixie cut just feels like home.


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