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Fenty Fashion House

Fenty Fashion House:First Thoughts

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When we heard Rihanna was gearing up to launch her own fashion house we quickly mapped out how she was perfect for this venture. Snob Queens acknowledged how she would be making fashion history. We couldn’t wait to give you our first impression of the Fenty Fashion House.

We wondered what the clothing would look like and if she would live up to her impeccable style. Rihanna has shown time and time again just because a celebrity can dress, does not mean they can dress others. We knew Rihanna would be different. She would be the one to turn the fashion industry on its head if she were given the chance.

Rihanna launched her Fenty website this summer and before the site launched she gave us a teaser. That teaser reminded me a lot of Kerby Jean-Raymond’s Pyer Moss brand. The clothing looked a lot like his hand had been all over it. The only thing that was missing was his messaging. I was a little disappointed, because I felt like I had been experiencing these pieces through Pyer Moss already. I wanted something a bit more Rihanna. Once the full site launched however, Rihanna did not leave us disappointed with her debut collection.

Initial Reaction To Fenty Fashion House

The clothing while giving me Pyer Moss vibes, had a Rihanna flair to it. The tops and dresses revolved around denim and corsets, but still had that element of cool only Rihanna can bring. Her oversized shirts that can be easily worn as dresses, but still have a sexiness to them stole my heart.

All of her jackets seemed to be styled better with skirts or alone, the full looks with the pants didn’t excite me. The bottoms alone or with something different all had my attention except for the straight jeans. There was no special design element to the $400 jeans other than somewhere on them you would be paying for the Fenty name. The corset skirts, and pleated pants had my full intrigue, but this is only based off fit on the models. Her accessories were perfect and gave us what we were expecting from her. Then again she has had ample time to perfect accessories and shoes.

The entire collection was overall okay, but not exactly what we expected from anything with Rihanna’s name on it. The collection has the essence of Rihanna but not the soul of her we were hoping to see. We wanted to see something daring, fashion-forward, and unforgettable. Instead we got something that felt more like it was designed for profits and to appeal to everyone. We didn’t want the essence of Rihanna cool, we wanted something that showed us who Rihanna is inside. We wanted the Fenty Fashion House Debut to give us something creative and a peak into what she could create. Hopefully her next wave will be more daring and make us feel more connected to her as a designer.

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