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Fashion Week: What Has Excited Us Thus Far

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Fashion Week is wrapping up and we have enjoyed the entire month long fashion experience. Fashion week is always talked about as designers try to snatch the next headline. It is our favorite time of the year at Snob Queens. This is our chance to analyze the upcoming trends as well as revamp our wardrobes for the next wave of fashion. Here are a few things that excited us this fashion month:

Zendaya’s Next Collection

Zendaya debuted her first collection with Tommy Hilfiger this year and it was the 70s vibe we didn’t know we needed. Zendaya is a fashion icon and after seeing a preview of her newest collection we all wish we were Zendaya’s doppleganger. Because everything in her collection speaks to her personal style, she is the only one we can imagine in her clothing. Her looks are unique, stylish, and let’s be honest, most of them only she can pull off.

So we were more than happy when we saw her greatness continued with her second collection with Tommy Hilfiger. She continued to focus on the 70s and 80s with her Fall 2019 collection. She also continued the momentum of showing the African American community significance within her show. Zendaya is intrigued with the clothing of the 70s and 80s as she has stated time and time again and it is Tommy Hilfiger’s era. Zendaya continued to spread black joy in her fashion show and we are here for it!

Diversity On The Fashion Week Runways

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I was excited to see more diversity on the runways. Rihanna has dropped lines based on diversity. Rihanna has shown all shades of black are beautiful and profitable and I’m sure many designers are following suit because of it. Zendaya debuted her clothing line featuring black women in all shapes and sizes. Last year black women dominated the September Issues like never before and maybe never again. But the fashion industry saw inclusion as a profitable trend and I’m interested to see if it continues or if it was appeasement.

Politicized Clothing

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NEW YORK, NY – SEPTEMBER 08: Models walk in the Prabal Gurung S/S 20 Fashion Show at Gallery I at Spring Studios on September 8, 2019 in New York City. (Photo by Aurora Rose/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images)

Year after year designers shout their political beliefs down the runway. Whether it is gender equality, equal rights, etc. designers want us to know how they feel. Clothing is a way of expressing without speaking and fashion always speaks loud and clear. We’re not tired of seeing this on the runways yet. We can’t wait until fashion week (month) is over so we can round up all the social issues from the runway.

Over The Top Accessories

Accessories are always one of our favorite runway details during fashion week. They are almost always over the top in order to stand out. Novelty bags are an absolute favorite and so are oversized pieces of jewelry. We’re excited to see where the bling is traveling next season. We are dying to see what the heels will start to look like after all is said and done.

Fashion Week Celebrities On The Front Row

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Having celebrities on the front row during fashion week is probably one of my favorite highlights. We get to see the fit of the clothing on women that are not all size 0 or 2. The celebrities wear customized pieces to match the brands show they’re attending. Covering what the celebrities are wearing is a major highlight of fashion month and it will always be a major topic of conversation.

What Is Your Favorite Part About Fashion Week?


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