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Eva By Eva Marcille Delivered On This Jewelry Line

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Eva Marcille Jewelry

Eva Heard You!

When Snob Queens launched a few years ago, one of the questions we would get all the time is “where does Eva Marcille get her jewelry?” We would do our research and more than likely it would be Frugal Finds. Now Eva Marcille has partnered with Frugal Finds to launch her own jewelry brand. Marcille’s jewelry has been sought after for a long time and her website doesn’t disappoint. Trying to find something that fits who you are is attainable with the bevy of options.

What Types Of Jewelry Does Eva Offer?

Eva’s jewelry offers a range of pieces fitting a range of personal styles. The website offers collections that give a bit of guidance with the shopping experience. Cross Collection: Offering Multiple Crosses

Black Collection: All Black Pieces

Love Collection: Pertaining To Love

There are more collections where the title isn’t such a dead giveaway. The prices start at 14.99 and cap off at about $150.

Here Are A Few Of Our Favorite Pieces From The Website:

The Website

I wish the website would offer filters, that allow searching for a specific item easier. Eva Marcille’s jewelry site has so many options and they’re not in any specific order. Even if you choose to shop by collection, there’s no way of knowing what’s in the collection. If the pieces were listed in ascending price order that would help a bit. Some categories have 13 pages of items to go through. I’m glad there are a variety of options, but it’s not easy finding something in particular. I am ordering a few pieces so I can let you know how they held up.

Check Out Her Jewelry Here.

Have You Shopped Eva Marcille’s Jewelry? How Have Your Pieces Held Up?


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