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Denim On Denim Proven Timeless

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About a month or two ago, we made a post on Instagram saying denim on denim is a thing. At that time, it was mere speculation because I had no proof. I called my friends who live on social media and scoured the internet for anything current. At the last second, I found 3 pictures to help me out. Tarhonda Jay, Ciara, and Ayesha Curry, had all uploaded photos in double denim, just days apart and I knew I was definitely on to something. During that time no other blogger or fashion powerhouse had the trend listed for Spring, but I could definitely tell it wouldn’t be long before this was a thing again.

Since I posted the trending now jean on jean post on Instagram everyone has been posting their double denim looks like crazy! Now I don’t believe I had a thing to do with this trend catching fire. However, I do believe I have an eye for what’s about to happen in fashion well ahead of most.

History Of Double Denim

The denim on denim trend is often called “The Canadian Tuxedo”. Coined in 1951 after Bing Crosby was denied entry into a Vancouver hotel for wearing it. The jean on jean look was popular throughout Old Hollywood and definitely a casual American staple. However, the most popular the Canadian tuxedo had been was in 1988 as acid wash jeans were on a decline. People loved their acid wash jeans, but had a hard time pairing them, so they often chose a jean button down. I don’t know who stumbled upon this genius idea, but I’m grateful they did. The trend didn’t stop there, throughout the 90s we saw variations of this trend. We saw baggy jeans and matching baggy jackets and tailored jean sets.

Jean On Jean Today

This trend is a mainstay in the fashion cycle. It is fashion forward and always coming back around as a trend. There’s so much that can be done to keep this trend modern, designers keep revisiting it. Denim trends for 2022 include:

  • Baggy Jeans
  • Printed Jeans
  • Low Rise
  • Cargo
  • Tops

There are a bevy of ways to wear the Canadian tux, including a jean dress paired with a jean crop or trench. A denim mini skirt with a jean button down, as seen on Normani below.

Denim On Denim
Credit: Miles Diggs Via Instagram

The options are absolutely endless and I’m looking forward to the different combos.

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