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Celebrity Clothing Brands:An Honest Look

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Love it or hate it celebrities always have to dabble in something, other than what we know them for. No field has been dipped and dabbled into more than the fashion and beauty industry. Every celebrity either has a fragrance or a clothing line they have tried. Most celebrity clothing brands don’t have the success of some of our favorite brands, but they last for a season or two. More times than not the clothing lines are a blimp on our radars and they go away. Here are a few celebrity lines that seem to have staying power, in a world flooded with celebrities trying to collect a bag. 

S By Serena

Serena Williams has always received buzz, be it positive or negative about her fashion choices. Instead of focusing on her undeniable dominance as an athlete, the Wimbledon media focused on her wardrobe choices instead.  Williams launched her first clothing line Aneres in 2004. The attempt gained buzz, but after a few seasons the line was discontinued. 

Her second attempt is a clothing line called S By Serena (Although there is some confusion about the name). She is often seen wearing her own clothing around and in photoshoots. Williams’ brand reminds of White House Black Market, they are definitely reaching out to the same audience. Corporate women, who are more willing to spend a pretty penny on their work attire. The clothing under the Serena umbrella is more diverse, featuring athleisure, sleepwear, and a bevy of prints and colors. 

La La Anthony Collection

La La Anthony and her stylist Jason Rembert agreed to do a line exclusively for 5th And Mercer dropped around 2012 and the line had more success than most first time celebrity lines. The name was super dope and we secretly wish she would’ve kept the name to use again. The clothing line was littered with color blocked, bodycons with exposed zippers. 

Anthony’s second clothing line that is active is called the La La Anthony Collection and we get it it’s her name, but 5th And Mercer was such a dope name. This clothing line isn’t as exciting as the first and the website isn’t really our style. We would like to see the categories broken down in a neater fashion and the clothing looks the same as when it launched in 2017. The athleisure is nice, but everyone is making athleisure and there are tons to choose from. Hopefully we see trendier items from this collection in the near future. We love La La’s style and we would love to see more of her New York style in her collection.


Beyonce has had a tumultuous relationship with fashion since she was in Destiny’s Child. She put her wardrobe in the hands of her mother and the clothing was always hit or miss. We loved Beyonce, we loved Destiny’s Child so we ignored the eyesores. Before her split from her childhood group, Beyonce and her mother announced House of Dereon during the Destiny Fulfilled Tour. Once she officially began promoting her second album B’Day House of Dereon was everywhere. If we can recall correctly House of Dereon was working to be a fashion house featuring dresses, gowns, and bedding etc. Dereon was an urban streetwear line just like PhatFarm, Rocawear, Applebottoms, and Babyphat. Both lines had cute pieces and Beyonce wore a lot of the brand into her Sasha Fierce Era. The brand was discontinued around 2012. 

Adidas X Ivy Park

Beyonce’s next attempt in fashion was the first launch of Ivy Park with Topshop. The clothing line looked nice, the promo Beyonce did was very eye catching. It was an athleisure line so we didn’t really see her out and about in the line. She showed us rehearsals in her brand, but it wasn’t enough. The line received mixed reviews with many people opening up about how the sizing was off. People who normally wore a small had to buy a large for a comfortable fit. After parting from Topshop when they went under fire Beyonce announced her latest Ivy Park partnership. 

The songstress announced her partnership with Adidas and this time fans couldn’t wait. We all felt a sigh of relief when the news dropped. We knew Adidas would ensure the fit was correct and also capture Beyonce’s essence. Her line was previewed in an Elle Magazine interview and she didn’t disappoint with the promo.

Beyonce knows we love to see her, she has the perfect image, and there’s rarely a bad word about her. She rarely posts on social media, she doesn’t follow anyone, and she doesn’t comment(at least under the account we know about). King Bey knows the public crave her so when she subtly gives something there will be a want and need for more.

Ivy Park x Adidas finally dropped and Beyonce modeled every piece of her line. She also gifted celebrities across the board Ivy Park x Adidas wardrobe boxes full of products. She did this knowing if the Beyhive got to see her on video and in still shots rocking her line, they would post her pictures everywhere! Celebrities were so grateful to be on her mind they would post the pics all over their social media accounts giving her insane publicity. It was an intelligent marketing move, but the demand for her line has been astronomical. Resulting in supporters inability to get Ivy Park anywhere because it’s sold out. It’s been sold out since the day of the launch literally hours after. We wish the stock was plentiful so we could give you a review on the fit! 

Rihanna’s Entrance Into Fashion

When it comes to celebrity clothing brands, Rihanna may have the formula for success. Rihanna made a name for herself in fashion when her style elevated to a whole new level. Every fashionista wanted to know what she was wearing whether it was on the streets, stage, or in her music videos. Realizing people cared about her clothing as much as they did her music, if not more for some, she began partnering with different brands. She did a fashion reality show called “Styled To Rock,” After her TV stint she partnered with MAC Cosmetics, Armani, and River Island. She became the first black woman to be the face of Dior and also partnered with Stance and Manolo Blahnik. 

During her stint with Manolo Blahnik we saw Rihanna’s knack for shoe design. Her collections were all dope and we didn’t want her collabs with the brands to end. She knew her footwear was dope, so it was no surprise when she signed on as the creative director for Puma. Her collections and products received positive reviews and sold out within hours of release. Rihanna’s first collection with the brand met rave reviews at New York Fashion Week opening a huge avenue for the songstress to dive into. After her partnership with Puma ended Rihanna began working on her own brands. 

Fenty Ventures

She dropped her makeup line first and made major waves due to the inclusivity in her product. We all thought it was a dope next move, but come on we wanted more shoes! The next drop from Rihanna was Savage x Fenty, her intimates line which again featured a variety of nude shades to match every woman. The Savage X Fenty brand has been phenomenal and the fit is accurate and incredibly comfortable. Her intimates really gave us something we felt fashion needed. Perfect for women of color who couldn’t find intimates that fit properly. 

The next thing Rihanna began to do was drop hints of her clothing brand. We were more than excited when he finally confirmed and dropped Fenty. You can read our initial reaction here. Since our initial reaction, the navigation on has improved significantly. The accessories and shoes are still the number one draw on her website in our opinion, but the clothing is beginning to give off the Rihanna vibe we had hoped for when it launched. The brand is progressing well, she keeps her website stocked, and the clothing is in season and full of variety. Rihanna has definitely made the most out of her fashion transgressions and we don’t see her failing in this industry. 

Tommy Hilfiger X Zendaya

The Disney star turned heads when she hit events thanks to her tremendous stylist Luxury Law. She always looked and still looks flawless and people wanted to dress as cool as she did. She heard her supporters and decided to create a clothing line called Daya By Zendaya. The line was built for a young audience, it had a Forever 21 vibe to it which made a lot of sense. Zendaya was a leader of  the pack in fast fashion, when she wore something fast fashion brands were off to the races mimicking her look.

The brand had a couple successful seasons before customers took to social media to express their displeasure. Customers complained of placing orders and never receiving a product, a refund, or contact from customer care. Daya By Zendaya was called a complete scam and lit a legal fire she would have to face. After severing ties with the company she vowed to take matters into her own hands. 

A few years later we get news she’s launching a brand at New York Fashion Week and every fashionista needs to be glued to their media outlet. We found out this brand was a partnership with Tommy Hilfiger who had been around for years. Her debut featured a 70s vibe with all women of color modeling her clothing and making headlines in a positive way.

This was a major comeback into fashion for Zendaya it was different from her previous brand. This line made us feel like Zendaya was behind every piece and we could feel her fashion sense through the clothing. This brand screamed Zendaya’s personality and we couldn’t have asked for more. She didn’t just put her name on a bunch of trendy items, she made the trends and made us want to buy the clothing. The clothing can be found on the Tommy Hilfiger site, but it’s all on sale so we don’t know if there will be more pieces from this collab or if this was just a stepping stone for the starlette. We are definitely tuned in to whatever her fashion future holds. 

Final Thoughts On Celebrity Clothing Brands

Some celebrity clothing brands definitely have what it takes to make it. The 5 brands or celebrities definitely have what it takes if they keep trying and look into what their product really should be. Serena has seemed to find her way into business class, and that truly works because people need nice dresses and pants and they would definitely support her brand. Beyonce has found a way to turn athleisure into trendy cute streetwear thanks to Adidas. We just want her to stay stocked. La La Anthony’s collection needs a little more distinction. Rihanna seems to have all of her s**t together although her supporters aren’t necessarily feeling her Fenty prices. We’re just ready for Zendaya to launch her own brand like we were waiting on Rihanna.

Celebrity clothing brands don’t have to be a complete failure or a laughing stock. They just have to genuinely love what they are doing and get involved in their projects.

Each of these brands have products that are worth buying. We’re not saying buy someones complete line because you like them in other fields. Do your research and only buy a product if you genuinely like it or your wardrobe needs it. Celebrity clothing brands help boost the celebs finances and popularity, so support the ones that work for you.

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