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Will Club Kid Be Beyonce’s Best Style Era?

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Beyonce Took Over British Vogue

We haven’t seen Beyonce since the 2022 Oscars. She performed in a David Koma sequined sheer dress in neon yellow. Skipping the red carpet but giving a photoshoot on Instagram. The Queen wore a yellow floor length Valentino gown with matching gloves and pumps. Imagine our surprise when we found out Beyonce was British Vogue’s July cover star in club kid couture. We speculated last year she was gearing up for a release in 2022, but we didn’t know when. Beyonce set the internet on fire once again with her British Vogue cover for July 2022.

What Is Club Kid Couture?

Not only did she announce the release of her new album she came through with stunning fashion as usual. Beyonce allowed British Vogue to dress her in Club Kid Couture. After reading the articles surrounding Beyonce’s announcement we have come to the conclusion, she may be trying a more daring sound and more daring fashion. Club Kid fashion pushes boundaries of art and fashion. The looks are very over the top and have a DIY vibe. Beyonce’s “Break My Soul” single encapsulates this perfectly.  

What Beyonce’s Renaissance Title May Actually Mean

When hearing Beyonce announced the title of her album Renaissance I know some immediately thought she may pull from the Renaissance era of style. After seeing her photoshoot  it was clear she’s referencing a rebirth rather than a specific time period. We were kind of hoping for a modern renaissance era from her, but to be honest she is always regal.

I think the Queen pushing herself and trying something different will payoff big for her. I think the main question we have is will the style choices influence other women in the industry as well. Beyonce may be bringing back 70s Studio 54, 80s excess, and 90s garage scene in a huge way. Will her new style have to grow on us? Will it take over like her other style moments have in the past? She has already blown away her ode to Bianca Jagger on the British Vogue cover by coming out with her own visuals that I find way more stunning. Below is the spread British Vogue released of Beyonce featuring style details.

Everything Beyonce Wore For British Vogue’s Spread

Beyonce was photographed by Rafael Pavarotti for British Vogue, July 2022.

Will This Be Beyonce’s Best Style Era?

Beyonce has finally over the past few years gotten ahead of the trends rather than being on the trends. At one time she was right on trend, but lately she has at least been a year ahead of the wave and dragging others along. She has set herself apart from her contemporaries by being polished and staying true to what looks good on her and not just wearing whatever a designer sends. She mix and matches, and she doesn’t get caught up in wearing a single designer.

I don’t know if this will be her best style era because there are some previous style eras I feel are far too great to put on the backburner. I feel like this style era will be her most free, most daring, and most experimental. The Queen seems to be embarking on the individuality trend rather than looking like everyone else on Instagram. It’s time for styles to change and who’s better suited to lead the wave? So while the looks she dons won’t be for everyone, and you may not like everything this will probably be her most authentic.  

What Do You Think Of Beyonce’s British Vogue Makeover?

Do You Think This Will Be Her Best Fashion Era Yet?

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