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Brandon Blackwood

Brandon Blackwood Has Us Gettin To The Bag

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Snob Queens Love Brandon Blackwood

Snobbies! There’s a handbag out there that all the Snob Queens are snatching up and believe me when I say it’s worth the investment. In February I did a string of black history posts and in one of them I mentioned black brands and designers. We mentioned Brandon Blackwood NYC on day 21 of our posts. Since then, I can’t scroll on my Instagram feed without seeing this handbag designer everywhere. The cute little box bags are seen on the pages of Saweetie, Ryan Destiny, Normani, LaLa and more!  

About Brandon Blackwood

Brandon Blackwood is from Brooklyn, Ny and is Jamaican and Chinese. He spent most of his childhood between Tokyo and New York where he eventually attended Bard University, majoring in Neuroscientific Psychology. Blackwood would quickly realize he’d rather have a career in the fashion industry and began his handbag design journey. The first collection launched in 2015 consisting of 4 bags named after his closest friends and brother. His relentless work ethic over the past 6 years has definitely paid off because his bag is truly the hottest bag going into this summer!

Kendrick Trunk Bag

Brandon Blackwood
Kendrick Trunk Black Daisy

With 12 pages of shoppable accessories, it seems Brandon Blackwood can’t churn out bags fast enough! The bags on pre-order are mostly sold out. The Kendrick Trunk Bag is the bag everyone is clamoring to buy, and it comes in a multitude of colors, fabrics, and prints. These small boxy totes are literally the cutest accessory we have seen just in time for summer in a long time. The bag is attractive due to its sophisticated, simple, chic, and functional design. Mini bags have been trending for a while, but rarely are they functional or bring a level of sleek sophistication the lineup on Brandon Blackwood’s site offers. While the mini bags are indeed on everyone’s wishlist Blackwood’s website offers medium and large totes as well. There is a variety of bag designs that are sure to satisfy everyone. 

The Perfect Gift

Brandon Blackwood

Now Snobbies I know how it is, when you find a bag designer you absolutely love and when it comes to a lady and her handbag, it’s almost something we can barely function without. However I believe this designer is absolutely worth giving a shot. His bags are reasonably priced and are useful for any occasion. For instance, they can be used as gifts or a prop for your next Instagram post. I know my snobbies love great optics! Give his brand a shot, I know I will be!

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