Better With Time


Sometimes when a celebrity ages, we traditionally don’t want to see it. The situation can get really bad, really fast, bad fashion choices, too much cosmetic surgery, living in the past, dressing older than they are, there are a ton of things that can go wrong as celebrities age. Fashion choices stick out the most, I mean if you’re going to age in a delusion you’re a legend at least have amazing style. Those things however can’t be said about this individual who still looks the same if not younger than she did when we first got a glimpse of her in 1991’s Boyz n The Hood. Angela Bassett has aged magnificently, she is still an actress to be reckoned with, when her name is on the credits I’m still watching and that speaks volumes to her God given talent. With that talent she has style to match, her style has gotten better, stayed youthful, daring, age appropriate and within her comfort zone. 

 Back when Angela Bassett was starting off on the red carpets, fashion was defining its new era. We got PVC, colorful fur trimming on everything, block heels, and shiny fabrics that looked flame retardant. I mean the 90s was this major pop era so everything was neon, cropped, or iridescent. Angela Bassett showed us a little of everything on the red carpet and she had the hair trends as well, micro braids, box braids, short pointy hair, and the Toni Braxton cut. Although none of this sounds remotely good for business, at that time it was and Bassett looked gorgeous every single time you saw her. She’s always been fit, and she owns whatever she puts on her body. The 90s owed Ms. Bassett nothing, not only did she dress on trend all the time, but she was on those red carpets and relevant. 

 Now we’re in a new era, it’s a fashion era where we recycle old trends repeatedly and see how it can be best modernized. There is truly little imagination and innovation going around, but that’s not my business. PVC is sleeker, more attractive, block heels are a bit higher, the shoe design is more modern and way more attractive, so is the hair. 

 Angela Bassett has adapted in leaps and bounds, and she often makes me feel matronly. She will be 60 this year, and she looks not a day over 30. She wears vibrant pantsuits that make me want to go buy a few and I have never really been a pantsuit kind of girl. Her suits are tailored to her body, colorful, exciting to see on her and by that I mean most women get set in their ways and won’t deviate from the color schemes they have set for themselves. Bassett is not the least bit afraid of color, with one of my absolute favorite outfits of hers being a yellow fringe Naeem Khan jumpsuit. She looks absolutely amazing in bold colors! She’s not afraid of change, to try new things, and go that extra mile to make the best dressed list. 

Bassett reinvents herself continuously and she shows age is truly nothing but a number when it comes to personal style. She knows how to navigate her style decade by decade and we never look at her and wonder if she knows she’s about to be 60. We look at her and we’re like ‘damn I can’t wait to be 60!’ Angela Bassett’s style choices have stayed on par with her impressive acting and we cannot wait to see how much better she is next year. 

 Do You Think Angela Bassett’s Style Is Underrated?