Capturing Teyana's Style|Fashion Fantasy


Teyana Taylor’s style has been capturing my attention for a couple years now. She seems to wear what’s most comfortable to her and what she thinks is dope at the time. It’s not calculated, it’s not staged, and it’s not something an established or up and coming stylist is trying to force her into. Her style is effortless and cool and that’s why she’s constantly turning heads and making women her senior want to look like Teyana when they grow up. She’s that bomb and let’s not forget she has an adorable daughter following in her style-steps.

Taylor has captivated me even more with her reality show with her family showing she’s a woman that wears what she wants. When she’s inspired she goes for it 100% and when she was asked to hit the runway at fashion week she MURDERED the catwalk. She was stunning, the strut was amazing and she owned each and every show. She went viral before she was done with fashion week and it was her confidence, demeanor, and AH-MAZING BODY that earned her a long overdue spotlight. Teyana Taylor’s style doesn’t need anything from us, but that doesn’t stop us from imagining what she would look like in different looks from Fashion Week Spring 2018. 

Here are 3 looks we are absolutely sure Teyana Taylor would wear to perfection!


Could You See Teyana Taylor In Any Of These Looks?