Rainbow Runway


There’s a trend coming our way this summer and it’s a trend I’ve seen Beyonce wear on multiple occasions literally 2015-2016 she wore this daring trend. The rainbow trend was all over the runway for Spring 2018 and honestly I am starting to come around to it, but I am afraid to try it. It is a lot of color and what do you wear with that much color? More color? How much color is too much color? Maybe I’m overthinking this trend, but it can be very intimidating to wear every or almost every bold color at once.



But it’s back Dolce & Gabbana, Moschino, and Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini have brought loads of color down the runway all at once and it was eyepopping. The colors brought a sense of joy, upliftment, and fun to the runway and the color scheme was done impeccably. With this trend underway, fashion shows us nothing is too off the wall and there is never too much color. Designers also showed colorful clothing can be taken seriously with the craftmanship, silhouettes, and cuts that were seen. 

rainbow runway.jpg


I don’t know how explosive this trend will pick be, I mean Beyonce has worn the trend since she became a solo artist and it didn’t really pick up the steam I think designers wanted. This trend is starting to slowly pick up traction, I’ve seen it on socks, subtly in articles of clothing and in hair. More and more I am seeing celebrities pick up on this trend and embrace more color. It could be the need for something brighter to perk up the mood, because bright colors sure do it for me.  

 I would have to get completely out of my head to try to rock this trend just because, I don’t care to wear bright colors especially all at once. Now rocking it in my hair is something I would definitely do, but the confidence oozing from Beyonce every single time rainbow is a trend is something I would have to talk myself up to. Whenever the visuals from whatever Beyonce and Jay Z filmed to spark this rainbow suit is released I am beyond certain we’re going to see more color than ever before!


Would You Rock The Rainbow Trend?