Fashion's Future


Yara Shahidi is my little fashion darling. She is so talented, and she has graced our screens so we feel like we know her and we feel like she’s so much older than she is. Well she’s extremely mature and intelligent so we’re always looking for her to go a bit more daring in fashion when the truth is she’s doing perfectly fine. First of all she’s young and intellectual her brand is her talent not her body. She literally dresses age appropriate to me, there are just some things at her age I wouldn’t try to wear and leave my mothers home, but it’s the norm now. 

 Yara Shahidi reminds me of how I was raised to meet specific age requirements to wear certain things: makeup, heels, crop tops, short shorts, large hoop earrings, etc. My mother didn’t want me to look or start to behave like I was older than I was and for good reason. Yara Shahidi reminds me of that time in my childhood. She reminds me of that appropriateness I look for in the younger generation. She has this coolness about her still. She still is considered on trend, utterly awesome, and there are plenty of girls wanting to dress like Yara Shahidi rather than Kylie Jenner. Young black girls are starting to find the cool in intellect more than the cool in push up bras. Let me be clear there’s nothing wrong with the way Kylie dresses at her age, but that trend has been going on so long black girls were starting to forget their intellect, self-respect, and ability to keep it classy sometimes yielded power as well. 



Yara Shahidi’s style on Black-ish and Grown-ish, as well as her personal style, all are examples of what I want my daughter to look up to when she does start to dress herself, and look around for inspiration. Yara Shahidi is the perfect example of age appropriate dressing, while still being as cool as your peers and marching to the bear of your own drum. She’s daring, not afraid of color, not afraid of silhouettes, not afraid of prints and she will try different styles as long as she is in her comfort zone. Her comfy is cool and I am happy to see a young girl undeterred by showing as much skin as possible. She’s undeniably beautiful, talented, intelligent, and she has style that deserves to be covered in the mainstream. She’s the future of fashion for girls all over looking up to her. She is Yara Shahidi.