Logos, Logos, Logos


Logo, Logo, Logo, snobs love logos, for plenty of different reasons. Since I was a little girl I remember how important it would be to have something name brand on at school to fit in. As I got older logos didn’t matter so much to me anymore at least not the ones all over everything but a subtle logo here and there certainly grabbed my attention. Now logos printed all over everything as they were in the 90s and early 2000’s are back with a vengeance. Fendi brought their print back from the 90s and it is everywhere now. 

 It’s kind of how Snobs loved Louis Vuitton and Gucci logos for so long, Fendi has been added back to the list. We’re talking about full on prints here, I think many of us growing up in the black community experienced some sort of longing to have the name brand versions of everything. I think it was important for people to accept us for what we had and not who we were. We fell in love with the image, we fell in love with the peace that came from being left alone by our peers, and we fell in love with the false adoration that people really liked us for who we were and not how we dressed. 

 Another reason snobs love logos is because it says, ‘yes, bitch it’s real.’ It’s another way to show off our earnings or a capability to get someone else to gift us with luxury items. Then there are the snobs that look to their favorite style icons or their favorite celebrities and try to emulate their wardrobes. Last but certainly not least we have snobs that just simply like what they like. 

 To feed what the snobs like Fendi released a capsule collection today inspired solely on their logo and although I’m not big on logos all over my body I saw a couple of pieces I thought were dope. Then there are pieces that put a bad taste in my mouth, not because they’re ugly, but because I can imagine the knock offs or the oversaturation of these items in the black community. Personally I don’t like to wear something everybody wants to wear or is already wearing, but other than that the capsule collection is dope and I know the snobs are going to have a complete field day rocking Fendi just like they did in the 90s. 

 So if you love rocking logos or you just want to be on the Fendi train this season now is your chance to shop til you drop on Fendi.com Check out some of our favorite pieces below:


What Do You Think Of The Logo Trend?