Undeniable Fashion Force


Solange grabbed my attention as a Destiny’s Child dancer. I grew up a huge fan of Destiny’s Child, the moment I saw the Get On The Bus music video I knew I wanted to know everything about this group and its front lady Beyonce. The moment I saw Beyonce I was about 7 years old and I said I love her, I want to be her when I grow up. Call it a gut feeling that was insanely accurate, because just about everyone wants to be Beyonce.

 So I took it upon myself to know everything and I found out she had a younger sister who was rocking red braids and living her best life. She wasn’t a kid that wanted to own the spotlight and that was absolutely fine with me, because whenever I could catch a glimpse of Solange I was all eyes and ears. I wanted to know more about her so when she was on Access Granted with Bow Wow I watched, when she did the Proud Family theme song I watched all of the Disney coverage because, she seemed so cool.


 The more I watched her, the more I wondered what she would end up doing in her career, I knew she could sing, dance, act, and write, but what would she pick out of all those things she was good at. She cut all of her hair off in 2009 and fashion chose her. It was the perfect marriage Solange and fashion. Fashion is outspoken, bold, free, and there generally are no rules. Fashion is the industry that allows you to be yourself and embrace yourself and Solange’s personality meshes with all of those things.

 When she chopped all of her hair off it was being compared to Britney Spears’ psychological breakdown and that wasn’t what Solange had going on. She went from being Beyonce’s kid sister who we were wondering what she was going to do career-wise to a style icon overnight. Chopping her hair off burst her onto the fashion scene and everyone was taking notice. She looked chic, refreshing, and still the cool vibrant black girl we secretly wanted to be.

solange big chop


From that moment she has graced the covers and pages of our favorite fashion publications, shone her light at the MET Ball’s, made herself a leader of the bold color pack, and made us feel completely inferior when it came to mixing prints. Solange released A Seat At The Table an album for every black household and the visuals were strong, unapologetic, stylish, and artistic. She is a force to be reckoned with, nobody can rock a look like Solange and I don’t think anyone would dare to. She had the perfect transformation, she went from having attainable style, style every girl her age could mimic; to being a style icon with looks so bold they were intimidating to copy. Girls were now saying “it looks good on Solange, but I don’t think I could ever pull that off.”


She embraces who she is, her culture, and her bravery inspires us beyond fashion. Her style uplifts us, inspires us, and impacts us in ways I don’t think even she could imagine. She is an undeniable fashion force.

solange collage.jpg


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