15 Of Beyonce's Instastyle Moments


From the moment Beyonce created an Instagram account, Instagram was NEVER the same, in a very, very good way. We got to see adorable pictures of Blue Ivy, witness the love between she and Jay Z, become jealous of her sistership with Solange, and we went through the surprise twin pregnancy as well. We have also gotten to see her amazing style transformation.



Not only does Beyonce post a look, when she posts her outfit, it’s a MOMENT and it is THE MOMENT. It probably consumes 72 hours of my day after she posts. She posts every angle, she has the BOMB Instagram presentation. I mean she’s Beyonce we HAVE to know what she’s doing and what she’s wearing all the time.


I’ve been following Beyonce’s style her entire career and she has always been on trend and it seems her look is just getting better and better with time. So we decided to pick 15 Instagram looks Beyonce totally blew our minds with.


Check Them Out Below!


What Do You Think Of These Beyonce Style Moments?