10 Red Carpet Glo Ups


When I think of the red carpet, I think immediately of Old Hollywood Glamour. Now let me be clear, I’m too young to have ever witnessed such a moment in fashion history, but the pictures and footage makes me shiver. They were glamorous! In my lifetime, I have seen every fashion moment good, bad, and ugly on the carpet. I understand there are trends, the need to explore, the need to be daring, I absolutely get that. However there is nothing better than when your favorite celebrity finds herself and those red carpet moments start to warm your heart over and over again.


Here Are 10 Of Our Favorite Red Carpet Glo Ups Of All Time:

1.    Niatia Kirkland

2.    Beyonce

Rihanna Collage.jpg

3.    Rihanna

Solange Collage.jpg

4.    Solange

Kerry Washington Collage.jpg

5.    Kerry Washington

Halle Berry Collage.jpg

6.    Halle Berry

Jada Pinkett Smith Collage.jpg

7.    Jada Pinkett

LaLa Collage.jpg

8.    LaLa

Nicki Minaj Collage.jpg

9.    Nicki Minaj

Ciara Collage.jpg


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