Shahidi Style Crisis

Let me start by saying I absolutely love Yara Shahidi and more times than not, I love her clothing and I always look forward to seeing that she will wear to events. However when she does step out and her photos circulate online her style is met with a slew of criticism and negativity. The main comment that seems to come from everyone is she dresses too matronly, her looks are always too mature and she's too young for the things she wears. 

Yara Shahidi strikes me as unafraid to try anything, which is probably why her look isn't specific, it's more hit or miss with the audiences that pay attention to celebrity fashion. I decided to recreate a few of her looks below and give a fresh take, and something for a young, powerful, intelligent, beautiful, talented young lady. 

Above are some of the looks I've seen people constantly criticize and complain about, because she's so young. So below I decided to put together a few ideas if I ever shopped for her. 


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