10 Times Black Models Slayed Yves Saint Laurent

Yves Saint Laurent|Naomi Campbell

Yves Saint Laurent was born August 1, 1936 and 81 years later his name, his brand is still one of the most important in fashion. In 2017 Yves Saint Laurent, is still a coveted brand and a brand every fashionista owns or wishes to own. Dismissed from Christian Dior in 1960, Yves Saint Laurent became the head of his own fashion house in 1961. His clothing line focused on the confident, sexually liberated. His clothing felt young and modern and he always seemed to pick the perfect models.

On His Birthday We Reveal Some Of Our Favorite Yves Saint Laurent Moments:


Naomi Campbell|Yves Saint Laurent


Tyra Banks|Yves Saint Laurent

Iman|Yves Saint Laurent

Roshumba Williams|Yves Saint Laurent


"Chanel Freed Women, And I Empowered Them."

Happy Birthday Yves Saint Laurent

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