Why The Way A Black Woman Dresses Doesn't Tell You Anything About Her


I will start this off by saying, I absolutely hate seeing online comments!

Now being a black woman, since I could remember I have been called a ton of things, stuck up, entitled, dumb, hoe, slut, etc. All of this was based off the way I look and the way I dress. My sense of style has nothing to do with who I am as a person and honestly their are millions of women who can relate. However I see this issue the most among black women by other black women. 

When I was in high school a black policewoman who was my neighbor told a male friend of mines, "she's not what you want, she'll never amount to anything." Little did she know at that time I was and had always been an honor student and my GPA was 3.6 and his was well below. She also assumed he and I wanted to date, when that wasn't true either, she gathered all of this based off of the way I looked. I didn't dress inappropriately for a kid, when I got older and purchased my own items, I tried a bunch of different trends, but nothing would go as far as what I see now. I always had boundaries with my style, but I always liked my clothing to fit like a glove, be on trend, and show skin in moderation. 

 My Ideal Outfit

My Ideal Outfit

The clothing I like to wear says nothing about my education, the principles I was raised with, or my sex life as I'm sure about many other women. It doesn't matter if a black woman likes her clothing short, long, fitted, loose, daring, or monochrome, it says nothing about the person she is. Take the time to get to know us before you judge us so harshly. 

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