Beyonce & Ciara's Pregnancy Perfection

Ciara and Beyoncé are both expecting a new addition to their family this year and there have been a ton of style comparisons which aren't necessary because they are both stunning. They can both be pregnant at the same time both be fashionable and beautiful its not really a contest. My reaction to both pregnancies as a fan of both was different than the first time around.

When I first heard Ciara was pregnant for Future I was questionable about how he would treat her. I don't know either of them, but I thought about would she be part of a cycle he started, it wasn't my business and I was happy for the two. When Beyoncé announced her pregnancy at the MTV awards I was excited for her, since I had been a Beyoncé fan since 'Get On The Bus.' It was like I was waiting for her to start a family and her excitement made me excited for her.

This second time Ciara seems so much happier, carefree, and she's showing her baby bump proudly. She was covered up it seemed moreso in her pregnancy with Baby Future, so I couldn't get a full read on her pregnancy style. She has a glow around her that reads peace and true happiness and I believe she deserves to be abundantly happy all the time. This time around Beyoncé seems just as happy as she did the first time and I am tremendously happy for her, but I didn't react like the rest of the internet and go crazy, but I'm one to normally keep my cool.

So to me both women have incredible style during their pregnancies and I am enjoying every single bit of it. Both women are glowing, showing how to carry a baby bump with style, and they are slaying every single moment. Both women had incredible pregnancy photoshoots and there wasn't one better than the other they were both beautiful. Children are blessings and pregnancies shouldn't be compared as far as one looks better than the other. When it comes to styling I am loving both being my baby bump is on full display as well. I think both ladies have incredible looks and I am considering a second pregnancy just for styling purposes or maybe not. But either way I'm happy to see two beautiful women of color have amazingly stylish pregnancies! 

Let's Take A Look At This Pregnancy Perfection Below: