Transformation Tuesday|Ciara


Long before she had me stalking her Instagram for what she's wearing, she burst onto the scene with her music and her bomb ass dance moves. There wasn't a Ciara video, I didn't watch and use as an exercise tape to stay lean, limber, and to keep my muscles loose. Her style was different and became a trend years later and is still very relevant today. Ciara in a bodysuit with jeans and now everyone is wearing what she wore in 2005. She's moved on to chicer pastures and she never looked better. She's always mesmerized me with her insane shoe game and her self-love shines through her wardrobe choices. She can literally wear anything and make it look amazing. 

ciara transformation.jpg

Ciara has always looked to me like she could be a top paid model and whether or not she pursues modeling full time she's always fashionable and I love every look she puts on. Her style only gets better with time and I adore her sense of style.

What Do You Think Of Ciara's Transformation?