Trend Tuesday|Corduroy & Stripes

Today Snob Queens focuses on corduroy and stripes for winter trends. Growing up, I hated corduroy, and I had every type in every color. I was sick and tired to death of corduroy, but now it's sleeker and modernized and I can't help but want corduroy in my wardrobe now. The same goes for suede shoes, honestly I'm not much of a fan of anything that is hard to clean especially now I'm a new mom. But I'm a chic new mom and I need suede, corduroy, and velvet back in my wardrobe ASAP. 

Stripes are also on trend this winter and honestly stripes are never out of season. Designers just find new ways to place stripes on a garment and they seem to be moving toward stripes that flatter everyone. Stripes are very tricky to wear so, if you're buying anything striped or print for that matter make sure you try it on. There's nothing like coming home or opening a package and the stripes make you look unflattering to you. It's not just the direction the stripes are going in it's also the width of the stripes. Everyone can do stripes, just make sure they're flattering and you love the way you look in them!

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