Be Like Bey


Thanks to the wonderful world of Instagram, it is now incredibly easy to find out what brands your favorite celebrities are wearing. One of our favorite Instagram accounts belong to none other than the Queen Bey herself. Beyonce has transformed the way fashion lovers view her style by finding her look and breaking  fashion rules along the way. Here are 6 tips to try and replicate Beyoncé's style:


  1. Bey Confident|Every time Beyoncé is seen she oozes confidence and self-love. She looks sure of who she is and she looks completely happy with herself and never concerned with the next person.

2. Bey Trendy| Part of Beyoncé's style aesthetic is she is always on trend. She follows many seasonal trends while not looking gimmicky or outside her comfort zone. There is a way to wear trends without being a hideous mess of every trend clashed together.


3. Bey Daring| Beyoncé isn't afraid to try something new. She isn't afraid to wear era related silhouettes, bold colors, or bold prints as long as she's comfortable and it flatters her.


    4. Bey Flattering| Beyoncé wears silhouettes and shapes that flatter her body. That doesn't mean it has to be tight; it means you pick a color, silhouette, or print that accentuates your natural beauty.


    5. Bey Versatile| Beyoncé does a lot of mixing when it comes to her wardrobe. She mixes trends, eras, prints, and price points. Don't turn your nose up at discount items, high end boutiques, or trendy fast fashion stores. There are fashion treasures everywhere, so step out, try it and you'd be surprised with your outcomes.


    6. Bey Yourself|The most important thing Beyoncé brings to her wardrobe is herself. She isn't trying to dress like, look like, or be like anyone else. She loves who she is and her fashion sense, she embraces it and it speaks volumes when she steps out.

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