Be Like Bey: 7 Day Challenge


Beyoncé's style over the years has evolved greatly. She's always stylish, but her style has always been easy to replicate. That's because most of Beyoncé's looks can be copied in your fast fashion stores across the globe. Yes her style has changed dramatically and it often depends on the look she has come up with for her album, her mood, and what's in style.

I've often found items in my closet similar to the ones Beyoncé wore when I was younger, before I had a specific style and knew which silhouettes made me most comfortable. I would often shop and buy things I thought were cute, it had nothing to do with knowing my look or if it would even be something that was timeless. I hadn't yet gathered the concept of buying things that would last instead of buying things on trend.

Beyoncé isn't linked to a specific brand, she doesn't wear one silhouette and to be honest you never really know what she's going to put on. She dresses in what is cute and comfortable, no specific look. Her look can be attained by anyone and I think that adds to making her incredibly one of the easiest celebrities to identify with. Below Noir Avenue recreated a few of our Beyoncé style moments: Dress Like Beyoncé for a week, each outfit is under $400. Let us know your favorite look in the comments below.

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