Are Women Of Color Cover Worthy?


This year women of color graced the cover of top fashion American magazines 23 times. Which is what I hear is a huge spike from previous years and the fact it’s not surprising to me or probably anyone else of color it is very disappointing and proves the ongoing issue in mainstream fashion. Women of color are just as beautiful and have had success this year as any other race. There were only 16 women of color that made major fashion covers because six of them made two or more covers. I receive two of my favorite fashion magazines every month through the mail Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar, now of the two Harper’s Bazaar is my absolute favorite. It feeds the aspiring magazine owner in me, I love the layout, how crisp it is, it just speaks to me. With all that being said, Harper’s Bazaar didn’t find one woman of color credible enough to be on their covers this year. I thought maybe I was losing my mind when I googled the magazine, but I went through my hard copies and I didn’t see one woman of color on the cover. In fact the last time there was a woman of color on their cover was Rihanna’s March 2015 cover.

I’m beyond disgusted by the ongoing racism in the fashion industry and yes, any progress is to be recognized. But let’s not ignore what’s staring us in our faces, I don’t understand the concept, women of color are too dark to be the face of fashion. I find it interesting there’s a limit to the women of color certain companies in the fashion industry will work with, when a lot of the fashion designers pull inspiration from people of color. More times than not I’ve seen the trends that are popular in the black community make themselves to the runway and this includes hairstyles. I’m not saying nobody else can wear what one race identifies with, I’m wondering why people of my race are good enough to copy or draw inspiration from, but we’re not good enough to be seen in the mainstream in those things. I keep track of over 100 beautiful black women who are incredibly stylish and I have yet to see them recognized for their style as well as their work. Lately there has been a woman of color re-creating top fashion ads just to prove women of color are equally beautiful as the European look we are bombarded with month after month, runway after runway, commercial after commercial.

Personally I would love to see more diversity in the fashion industry. I would love to see more people of color on magazine covers, on runways, behind the scenes, I just think there’s room for everybody and there shouldn’t be a limit on women because of their skin color. I think it’s sad, disgusting, and to say it isn’t true would be a blatant lie, just check your newsstands.