5 Ways To Discover Your Personal Style

Over the past few years I’ve been asked questions like: “How do I shop for my body type?” “Where do you shop?” “How do you figure out what works for my body?” So I’ve decided to give a step by step guide as to how you can shop for your body type, stay within your price range, and how you won’t ever go wrong in your clothing selection.

1.    Find someone whose style you identify with. What I mean by this is find someone who dresses the way you want to dress. Find five celebrities or public figures who you constantly look at and go “I want that outfit.” I ask you to do this first because no matter your body type there will always be insecurities with how you look and things you’re not comfortable allowing the world to see. If you do this first you’re not afraid of trying new things and you won’t have the idea of limiting yourself or saying to yourself “I could never dress that way.”

2.    Find someone who is the same body type you are. By this I mean size, height, and shape. Now is the time to be absolutely transparent with yourself. If you can’t be honest with yourself ask a close friend, or even me and I will be the mirror you’ve been looking for all your adult-life.

 If you look in the mirror and you know it’s telling you a delusion you’re absolutely not ready and my advice can’t help you. This is the step where you are honest with your shape in the present time and you find celebrities or public figures with your same shape. You may find often times than not the person or people with your shape have worn some of the things you’ve always wanted to wear from question one but they did it to fit their shape. You also want someone that hides the areas you don’t want the world to see.

3.    The next step is gather the list of things you want to wear and write down what you like about them. Maybe you like prints, bold color, neutrals, muted tones, mesh, high waist, long skirts, short skirts whatever it is write it down. Now look at the person in step two and write down what types of clothing this person wears that flatters their body type. Do you see someone that wears tight, transparent tops? Or someone that wears loose blouses? Do you see someone who wears high waist bottoms, or mid rise bottoms? Do you see someone who is trying to elongate themselves with the proportions of their clothing or the shoes they wear?


This is the step where all your work starts to come together and you can envision a new wardrobe for yourself.

4.    Take everything you’ve learned about yourself and make a visual aide or guide. Take a few moments and put together or have a friend you trust put together 3 sample outfits for your body type. Take that same friend you trust to the stores with you to try on things of that type. Don’t worry about the saleswoman who is constantly trying to help you, you need to focus on seeing yourself in your new look.

5.    Once you find what works and makes you feel confident stick to it. It’s perfectly fine to try new things, but stick to what you know flatters you, makes you feel confident, beautiful, and sexy!

 Here's A Sample Lookbook I Created When Trying To Find My Style:

Personal Lookbooks by Noir Avenue Coming Soon!


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