15 Celebrity Styles That Made Me Look Forward To Dressing My Baby Bump

At the end of this summer I received an unexpected surprise! I found out I was pregnant with my first child a year ahead of my life plan, I was not looking forward to the wardrobe overhaul, or trying to find items that made me feel confident with my growing bump as well as true to myself. Before I was pregnant, I didn’t have a midsection to worry about so everything I wore fit like a glove. At the very beginning of my pregnancy I was showing! I was amazed at the rapid weight gain and devastated about having to actually purchase maternity clothing. I didn’t know if my pregnancy would progress left to right, if I would be all belly, if everything would expand, I was in denial and at a complete loss when it came to my pregnancy style. After a long debate with myself and clearing my head I decided not to change my style at all! I purchased maternity leggings, tops, and bras, the rest of the clothing I purchased were my original style or things I already owned. I owned a closet full of stretchy pencil skirts that can be worn high waist or at the hips. I expanded the skirts into longer lengths stuck with my long-sleeved body cons and I plan to pair them with long trench or duster coats to top off my style. I looked to multiple celebrities during the time they were carrying their bundle of joy and they inspired my pregnancy style evolution. From my outerwear to my shoes.

Below I’ve shown 15 celebrities who stayed chic, sexy, and true to themselves during pregnancy. These women reminded me, I could stick to my style and make it maternity chic and I could find maternity clothing that flattered me and didn’t make me look as if I was stuffing myself into my pre-pregnancy clothing. I can honestly say I am now happy with how I look during this pregnancy after what felt like an eternity of feeling like I looked 400+ pounds.


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