Makeup Free Black Women & The Black Women That Bash Them

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Earlier this year Alicia Keys made headlines when she decided to go makeup free. I was all for this announcement the only thing I wondered was how long would it last before she gave into the pressures of her career and go back to wearing makeup. So far she hasn’t disappointed me and has seemingly decided this is who she is and no one is going to deter her from being true to herself and I love it!

I have nothing against women that wear makeup at all whatsoever. If you’re going to wear makeup do it, be happy with what you choose to do to your face, but don’t judge anyone else about what they do to theirs. I don’t really wear makeup personally. I love a nice bold red matte lipstick or a nude (that’s actually a nude for my skin tone) or mascara every now and then. But I love my face with nothing on it, I’ve never been a huge fan of standing in the bathroom or wasting my money trying to hide my imperfections or trying to enhance my natural beauty.

So Alicia Keys comes out with this beautiful natural skin and at first I guess everyone was like me, wondering how long it would last. Then she hit the red carpet makeup free and she made appearances with a fresh face and the negativity started in the comments section. I was surprised but not surprised to see all of the hateful comments came from other women of color talking about how she needed to go back to makeup. There’s this massive misconception a black woman cannot be beautiful if she doesn’t wear a face full of makeup. I’m here to tell you that’s not true, that’s just been the overwhelming image the fashion industry has put out over the years. The average beauty standards in that same industry are: Caucasian, 5’8, size 0, and bone straight hair. You don’t have to look like anyone else but yourself, and you don’t have to meet anyone’s beauty standards if they don’t make you feel beautiful. There’s so much more to being a woman than putting on makeup or meeting unrealistic beauty standards. Black women should be the absolute last women to bash Alicia Keys or any other celebrity for choosing to come out of their home or live their lives without makeup on.

Alicia Keys decided to be makeup free and the news was everywhere. There was not one major fashion magazine that covered her new look. Her makeup free regimen is long, but it works for her and not one major fashion magazine covered her new look. Demi Lovato went makeup free and the first thing that pops up when you search for that topic is her Vanity Fair shoot, a story on Billboard, and a story on Huffington Post. I didn’t see as many negative comments about Demi Lovato, I’m guessing because she still wears makeup as is her right. Alicia Keys on the other hand is being told by other women of color to go back to Sephora or MAC and put her face back on. A story I believe should have been in the fashion magazines, it’s forward, there’s a regimen behind it, and it’s part of the beauty industry. No, the Alicia Keys story will not sell the lipsticks and foundations but it will sale those skin cleansers and moisturizers. In my opinion the last thing a woman exhibiting her natural beauty needs is another woman bringing her down for doing so.

I think Alicia Keys and many other celebrities are absolutely amazingly beautiful in their own skin and honestly I’m here for it. I’m not saying you have to be makeup free to be considered beautiful I’m saying don’t bash the person that decides to be makeup free because it’s their personal decision just like makeup is yours.

Here are other makeup free moments from celebrities:

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