Share Your Style: Christmas Lustlist Week 2.

First off I want to say I hope you guys had a Happy Thanksgiving and a very safe Black Friday for those of you who participated. I didn't post on Thursday because I wanted to allow you guys to enjoy your family as I took time to enjoy my own. I also did not participate in Black Friday, nor do I ever participate in Black Friday sales. In reality Black Friday sales begin before Black Friday and once Black Friday ends from my experience in working in various levels of retail the sale after Black Friday is always better than the Black Friday Sale. So retailers get all of this money on Black Friday and turn right around on Monday and offer a better sale than the previous one. Anyway on to this weeks post. 

Last week I started a Christmas Lustlist and decided I would pick a different category up until Christmas Eve to show you the items I've been in love with this year. This week I'm focused on boots. I absolutely LOVE AND ADORE BOOTS! Boots are how I would spend my life if I didn't have other obligations that required different types of shoes. Since it is Winter I figured I could showcase my boot aspirations and show my favorite pair to my loved ones in high hopes they will appear under the tree. Above are my favorite boots this year. Let me know which pair are your favorite and how you would wear them if they were in your closet! I'll share with you my creation as well on our social pages!

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