10 Times LisaRaye Almost Made Me Change My Color Palette

When LisaRaye steps out you know 3 things about her will be EXACTLY the same:

1.      She Will Not Have Aged A Day

2.      Her Personality Will Be Entertaining And Honest Making Her Still Lovable

3.      She Will Have On White And She Will Look Stunning In It

I've seen LisaRaye over the years, following her career, supporting her shows and keeping my eyes on her wardrobe. She wears all white and I LIVE for it. I have been indecisive over changing my wardrobe to all white many times. I've always liked the color but she makes it look perfect at every event, so perfect I even took the step to clearing color out of my closet for a few days and purchasing white. I however have a complex about doing the exact same thing someone else is already doing, so I've decided to leave the white wardrobe to the woman who has mastered it. White is still on my list of go-to but I found a palette that suits my personality and makes my heart flutter when I see a piece that's the silhouette I prefer on my body. Nonetheless her all white wardrobe is crisp, clean, and she wears it to perfection. 

Here are ten of my favorite LisaRaye looks:

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