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Beyonce Launching Ivy Heart In Time For Valentines Day

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While we were all passing out over Rihanna’s baby news, Beyonce dropped a first as well. Beyonce took to her Instagram account to drop pictures in red sweats announcing Valentine’s Day capsule collection, featuring cute heart shaped sunnies and sneakers with heart soles. Her newest collection endearingly called Ivy Heart hit the web and we are not disappointed. There are so many pieces worth adding to our collections and it looks like she is consistently adding more. We would love to see her keep adding pieces to her collections so they stay around longer. Lets get into what we love and what we don’t love so much below!

Our Favorite Ivy Heart Pieces

The Ivy Heart capsule collection dropped February 9th and the colors used for this collection were red, pink, and burgundy. We would have loved to see white in this collection, but the colors chosen scream Valentines Day. This collection features a sequin duster coat, that is absolutely INSANE! There are hot pink sneakers, and a pair of red slides (a rarity). The snakeskin print featured throughout the collection can also be found on leggings, bike tights, as well as bralettes. These pieces are by far my favorite, because the snake print features hearts. The Ivy Heart collection also has faux latex pieces that we are absolutely obsessed with! The faux leather pieces only come in red, and there isn’t one piece that isn’t worth adding to your wardrobe. Below are some of our favorite pieces:

The Problem With Ivy Park

This capsule collection, is one of the best collections Beyonce has dropped and definitely not something she has done before. Beyonce’s Ivy Heart collection could open doors for her to drop more capsule collections throughout the year rather than the 2 drops a year. The collections are overall, great, the problem is they don’t restock and there’s a huge amount of time until the next drop. Exclusivity is always a plus in fashion, but there is a such thing as making customers lose interest because of long waits. Beyonce’s partnership with Adidas has helped her find herself as a designer and people want more. If Beyonce did pop up shops, and had more inventory for a longer time, I’m sure her brand would be even bigger. People want to wear Ivy Park, it’s just not always available when the buyer is ready.

Do You Want To See More Ivy Park Collections? Have You Ordered Ivy Heart?

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