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BET Awards Fashion Over The Past 20 Years

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BET Awards

This awards show first aired in 2001 and has been going strong since. The BET Awards always pulled in the black viewers, it was the only place we could see our favorite performers on a big stage. Other awards shows weren’t booking our favorite artists, so when we wanted to see rap and r&b on during an awards ceremony it was BET we began to anticipate. Along with seeing our favorite songs performed live we had to see the BET Awards Fashion!

Red Carpet Style

The BET Awards have been airing the past 20 years and there have been a few questionable fashion choices. In 2001 fashion was a bit different there was a ton of camouflage, jersey dresses, and skin baring like we hadn’t seen before. Low riders and crop tops were absolutely a powerful thing and the BET Awards served as the epicenter of hip-hop fashion. We learned what was in right around the start of the school year, and found ourselves mimicking these looks during homecoming week and Halloween. Fashion has definitely come a long way since 2001 and looking back, we can’t believe some of the stuff we witnessed and wore from the red carpet. Up until 2010 shoes seemed to be the only thing some of these fashionistas cared about. Matching the outfit didn’t seem to matter as long as they got to wear both. Thankfully as time went on this red carpet got better and better. These black queens went through the highs and lows of fashion the past 20 years and now they are giving us win after win in the style department.

Take A Look Below At The BET Awards Fashion Of The Last 20 Years:

20 Years Of BET Awards Fashion

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