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Editor In Chief

I was born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I have always had a love for fashion and realized there was not enough diversity in fashion. There weren’t enough women with the same racial background as myself. Now I see women all over the place that make my heart skip a beat when I see their Instagram’s, music videos, red carpet looks, and street style and they are as dark as I am or darker. These women don’t get as much press for their sense of style or flawless looks as any other race. So I decided to dedicate my blog to these women and show off these amazing, beautiful, powerful, stylish, women. No, I am not saving lives, but I am fighting for more inclusion in the industry I love, so my little girl may stand a chance at seeing something differently than I did when I was growing up.


About The Brand

Snob Queens Is A Brand That Celebrates And Acknowledges Fashionable Black Female Celebrities. We don’t care about their personal lives, gossip, or any of the negative energy, this is just a place for fashion. Currently the number of black women seen on the cover of fashion magazines, fashion blogs, and on the front row of fashion shows still dwindle. I created Snob Queens because there wasn’t a blog covering black women solely based on their style.

Snob Queens

Beauty Enthusiast

My name is Brie Chantel, I was born and raised in Houston, Texas. Since I was a child I found myself remaking my dolls clothing to give them a new look, or draping my moms clothes or my sheets to pretend the hallway was my catwalk and I was Tyra Banks. I was always curious as to why I never saw any one who really looked like me as a little girl and I wanted to find a way to bring change to that as an adult. I am in love with all the black girl magic I see when I look on Instagram, in music videos, watch red carpet looks, etc., and while all of that is great I feel like there is still an untapped fountain that needs to be released in all its glory. The reason why I decided to come on as the beauty editor of Snob Queens is to fill the void young girls who are much like I was growing up; praying there would one day be something or someone I could go to, to see representation of women who look like me. A place to see black women in all of our beauty and glory with no apologies for being who we are and not having to hide our magic. I strive to do the research to provide our readers with the upmost quality in skin care and beauty that enhances our self confidence in ourselves with or without the addition of make up.

Brie Chantel

Welcome To Snob Queens