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5 Essentials Snobbies Need For A Home Manicure

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If you’d rather save yourself a trip to the nail salon a more cost-effective solution is to put together a home manicure kit. You can give yourself a fantastic manicure at home, whether you prefer standard colors, gel, or shellac. With a few little gadgets, you can create professional-looking nails without breaking the bank. You could even have spa nights with your friends and do each other’s nails. Here are five essentials for your home manicure kit.

Nail Strengthening Cream

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Keep your nails in a good condition with one of the Best Nail Strengtheners. You can choose between a range of inexpensive solutions that will help protect and heal your nails. If you’re prone to splits, peels, and breaks the reliable formula will help restore your nails quickly. Nail strengtheners react with the natural proteins in your nails to reinforce them and keep them looking healthier. If you’re going to do frequent manicures, it’s a good idea to add one to your at-home kit.

UV/LED Nail Lamp

UV or LED nail lamps are perfect for drying gel nail polish quickly and effectively. These are used in salons everywhere but they’re actually pretty affordable. Most modern designs will have easy to use features. You can set a timer to dry your nails and the lamp will automatically switch off when you’re done. Take your DIY manicures to the next level with the best nail lamps in 2021

UV Protection Gloves

If you’re going to use UV or LED lamps, it’s advisable to either wear sunscreen on your hands or alternatively, invest in some UV light protection gloves. This will protect your hands from the UV rays that can have an effect similar to sun damage over time. By covering your hands you’ll be able to prevent the signs of aging and keep them looking youthful for longer. 

Essential Tools

No home manicure kit would be complete without a few of the essential tools. These include nail clippers, emery board, cuticle remover/pusher, and nail polish remover. You can shape your own nails easily at home and keep them in good condition. Invest in a quality hand cream or moisturizer as well and give yourself a light hand massage. This will help stimulate blood flow leaving you with smooth yet firm skin. Here are a few more quick tips on how to give yourself a home manicure.

Your Favorite Colors

The most important thing is to stock a range of your favorite colors. There are plenty of budget beauty brands that sell good quality nail polish so you can build up a collection without breaking the bank. You can then choose a color to match your outfit that day or the season. Invest in a base coat and top coat as well. The base coat will create a smooth layer and the top coat will prevent chipping for longer. With a few small, inexpensive items, you can DIY manicures that make you look like you’ve just left the nail salon.

Snobbies Do You Already Do Home Manicures To Perfection? What Essentials Do You Use?


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