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3 Winter Shoe Trends I’m Suddenly Devoted To

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Shoe Trends Never Mattered To Me Until Now!

Shoe trends aren’t as intriguing as clothing trends year after year. As long as you put on a pair of cute shoes with your outfit, nobody really cares if they’re on trend. People care about if the shoes helped pull the look together or tore it apart. So every year I purchase shoes year-round without thinking about if it walked down the runway or who else has worn them. The only thing I care about is if I need to refresh my pumps and if the shoes I’m purchasing are cute. This season is different, this time I am adding 3 winter shoe trends to my wardrobe!

Platform Heels

The 70s peeked in and said “Hey, you need me!” First I saw 70s knee boots were trending, you know the leather joints with the block heel?

70s shoe trends
Pam Grier Via NY Post

Yea, those were trending and I thought about getting a pair, making me feel nostalgic. I had a thing for the 70s look in middle and early high school. I was able to fight the feeling and reject buying the knee high boots. Then platforms reared their head and I just had to submit to the 70s vibe again. I can’t help but imagine a pair of Mary Jane’s paired with the widest leg pants that have 5 buttons going up the crotch. I can also pair these shoes with mini dress and a vibrant cape coat. These shoes are versatile and can definitely be worn year-round so, don’t think you won’t be able to break them out next season as well.

Loafer Shoes Still Trending

I have been avoiding loafers for some time now, maybe since around 2015. Having owned a pair of leopard loafers that were never worn drove me away from the trend. The loafer trend refuses to leave and I didn’t think this shoe style would grow on me. Now, I am suddenly attracted to loafers and want to add them to my closet. The only loafers I don’t want are chunky loafers because that goes into creepers and I will NEVER like creepers. Loafers are the cutest, most convenient flats during this time of year. They can make any outfit look professional. Beyoncé pulls these off all the time giving undeniable boss vibes. Her style moments over the years actually led me to loafers and they’re a must-have as of NOW!

Chunky Platform Boots

Finally, I’ll be adding chunky platform boots to my repertoire. This brings out the Spice Girls fan girl in me. I’m feeling real Scary Spice with the leopard boots.

Scary Spice Via HelloGiggles

I have never owned a pair of boots in this particular style, but I feel like I need them now. Maybe it’s the nostalgia going around however, I really want to get on this grungy trend with every intent on pushing it all the way. I am obsessing more so over ankle boots rather than knee boots this time around. A pair of these boots with jeans and a moto jacket will make a cute casual look. My favorite chunky heel boots below are the red Giuseppe Zanotti and Franco Sarto’s. Those 2 are completely out of my element and would have me really out here feeling myself.

What Winter Shoe Trends Are You Buying? Are You Feeling Any Of The Above I Listed?


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