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Styling White Booties

Beyonce And More Shows Us How To Rock White Booties

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Bold Booties Can Be Intimidating

Most of us love boots and booties of every kind. There’s such a boot obsession at Snob Queens, we’re absolutely convinced there’s a boot for every day and every season. However there has been a styling issue for years when it comes to white boots. White boots often remind people of marching band boots, so styling them are a bit confusing. In recent years we have been seeing white boots more and more, but street style is just now starting to catch up. Beyonce and Nicki Minaj have been going for white booties in their stage looks for years and we have been trying to figure out how to incorporate these dope booties into our own wardrobes. 

An Emerging Trend

If you want to know more about how you can rock white booties KEEP READING! We have been baffled for years when it comes to styling white booties and honestly have refrained from buying them. White boots are the butt of fashion jokes I’ve heard time and time again. We’ve heard statements like, “they’re tacky, they’re marching band boots, and who wears that?!”

When we polled some of our audience about writing an article about styling the emerging trend, they said they weren’t interested. Mostly because, white boots are looked at negatively when it comes to fashion. The only actual reason we can think of is how hard they are to style. It could be how bright and bold they are, that makes them intimidating. Nevertheless white boots are not anyones go to when out shoe shopping. We decided to take on the challenge of styling this trend for the following reasons:

  1. They’re not on many people’s radar
  2. They are hard to clean 
  3. They are emerging as a serious fashion trend. 

Below are 4 outfits we came up with that feature white booties. Hopefully these outfits inspired by some of our favorite Snob Queens, may cause you to look at the trend that was once a huge “NO!” in a more positive light. Take A Look:

Styling White Boots 4

by Snobqueens

Styling White Boots

by Snobqueens

How To Wear White Booties 2

by Snobqueens

How To Wear White Booties 1

by Snobqueens

White Booties Are More Than Marching Band Boots

As you can see, this emerging bold bootie trend is far more stylish than most, ourselves included have given them credit. These white booties are far more than marching band boots and we have definitely underestimated their styling power. We have seen a plethora of outfits featuring white booties, but they didn’t bring us any fashion excitement until we took a closer look. They’re not to be seen as just performance boots, but they are indeed a style staple and a boot to add to your collection. We have some ideas below you may enjoy adding to your winter wardrobe.

Will You Be Adding White Booties To Your Wardrobe? Or Are They Still Not For You?


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