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Fenty Brand’s Are Having A Busy Summer

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Last year we told you Rihanna was making fashion history and now it seems our bold prediction was spot on. It’s no secret whenever Rihanna drops something there is a high level of excitement and anticipation behind it. Last week while she was promoting her shoe drop for 7/15, we were finding out about her skincare line. Fans of the star would have rather heard about an album drop, but the fashion and beauty mogul had other plans. We’re definitely not mad at these announcements as fashion and beauty are our first loves! So let’s dig into all of the Fenty deets!

Fenty Limited Edition Footwear Release

Fenty Limited Edition Sandals
Image Credit: Fenty.Com [Code Word Sandals]

July 12, 2020 Fenty’s Instagram shared a collaboration with shoe designer Amina Muaddi had been in the works for some time. The exclusive shoe drop include heels inspired by steel nails. Since this exclusive announcement Fenty has since launched the shoes over the past weekend. The Fenty collaboration with Muaddi includes 3 sandal styles and 1 mesh style. The ‘Braid Me Up Sandal’ only comes in brown sugar and features suede rhinestone straps combined with leather braided straps. The ‘Code Word Sandals‘ come in acid green and there’s a pair in white. These sandals are probably our favorite design featuring thin leather straps and a see-through pvc strap on the upper foot. The ‘Caged In Sandal‘ features several intertwined thin leather straps up the calves and a caged in square toe. The last pair offered by Fenty are ‘ Meshy Mules‘ they come in nude and jet black and are a mesh square toe mule.

Fenty Skin

In March 2019 Rihanna filed a trademark on the brand name Fenty Skin an extension to her Fenty Beauty line. Last week the social media account became active and we learned of a launch date for July 31, 2020. The official website also included a sign up for early access on July 29. Since the website became active there has been quite a bit of activity on the brand’s social page. The brand has posted tweets from Rihanna responding to fans about the drop of Fenty Skin. There’s also videos being posted on the brands page, including a video of Rihanna using the lines new products.

We don’t know what products the beauty mogul will be dropping, but we have come across a few trademarks. These products have been listed under the names, “Buff Ryder, Instant Reset, Hydra Vizor, Flash Nap, and Fat Water.” Fat Water was specifically seen in the brands video ad on Instagram. As far as her audience, Rihanna has made it clear her products are for everyone calling her brand ‘The New Culture Of Skincare’ in an ad featuring A$AP Rocky and Lil Nas X.

Which Of Rihanna’s Drops Are You Most Excited About?


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