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Black Owned Skincare Lines

Black Owned Skincare Lines You Should Know

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Skincare is one of our biggest concerns when it comes to all things beauty. Having a solid foundation such as, a skin care routine will give you a flawless fresh face before adding makeup into the equation. Finding a black owned skincare line that caters to our skin is hard to find. We found our Snobbies a list of black owned skincare lines you should know about.

Black Owned Skincare Lines:


Founder Tatiana Price

Skin BUTTR is a handmade skincare brand by State Management model Tatiana Price. Skin BUTTR is said to keep your glow at an all-time high. This product includes natural, moisturizing products like whipped shea body butter and exfoliating scrubs. Products come in sweet scents like strawberry, coconut, and rose that work to fade scars, cellulite, and stretch marks. The products are fairly priced and Price keeps it simple when it comes to choosing so you don’t get overwhelmed. Skin BUTTR Can Be Purchased Here.

Folie Apothecary

Founder Nikisha Riley

Nikisha Brunson is responsible for Folie Apothecary it is a 100% natural skincare line. Brunson is a health-and-wellness guru. She constantly keeps her audience up on the absolute best things to do for our mind, body, and soul. Her handcrafted, small-batch serums and hair oils are so gorgeous that they can double as décor. Her Prickly Pear Face Serum is advertised to prevent aging, hydrate, and soothe skin. This oil is said to be light-weight and easily absorbent. Brunson also offers an all purpose mist that claims to reduce pores. Folie Apothecary Can Be Found Here.

Jade & Fox Co.

Founder Ashley Johnson

Ashley Johnson created Jade & Fox Co. focusing on solutions to everyday skin care conditions and bringing tangible results to those issues. Using food grade ingredients, Jade & Fox creates an entire experience using original formulas curated by the maker.  

Jade & Fox Co. believes in the power of Mother Earth and all the beauty that grows within her. So the company creates simple products formulated with honey from Georgia bees. This line includes soaps, scrubs, toners, serums, and moisturizers in a variety of fragrances. Infused with mango butter, rose petals, and coconut makes this line a bit more enticing. The prices are great and definitely make these products even more worth trying. You Can Check Out The Entire Line Here.

black owned skincare lines

Urban SkinRX

Minority Owner Dr. David Henderson

Dr. David Henderson is the medical director of Urban Skin Rx as well as a minority owner in the brand. He has been with the company since the beginning. Urban Skin Rx has frequented or Snob Queens timeline due to celebrity endorsements from Eva Marcille. Seeing her beautiful skin and her swearing by this product definitely has piqued our interest. Urban Skin Rx is said to be dedicated to serving the black community and catering to our skin dubbing themselves “melanin experts.” They offer a bevy of products for all skin types and are a bit on the pricier side. You Can Check Out Their Line Here.

black owned skincare lines

Jordan’s Choice Skincare

Founder Shakira Jordan

Shakira Jordan’s journey into the world of skincare started after a visit to a dermatologist. After the visit, she started research on skincare products in order to find a lasting solution to her struggles with dark spot, hyperpigmentation and skin discoloration. She learned she had been applying the wrong products to her skin at the wrong time of the day without protecting her skin. Jordan concluded the key to beautiful skin is to regularly exfoliate the skin.

 Jordan’s Choice Skincare launched about a year ago. Creating a line of exfoliators that literally look and smell good enough to eat. They also leave your skin feeling 10x’s better after first use. The lip scrubs are amazing as well and will give your lips the soft, luxury feel they deserve. Her products have expanded since last year and she now offers masks, toners, dark spot correctors, and a face steamer. We can vouch for these amazing products and their great price point.

Check Out Jordan’s Choice Skincare Here.

black owned skincare lines

Vegan Godd3ss

Vegan Godd3ss is a natural skincare line by Lola Monroe. Rapper Lola Monroe launched her skincare line just a few months ago so her products are fairly new. She decided to share her scars with the world and create a product that would give her skin a timeless glow. Vegan Godd3ss offers 4 products as of now and a bundle of all 4 products to save $20. Monroe’s Timeless Collection features:

Day & Night Soap, Day Cream, Night Cream, and Night Serum

We haven’t tried the products yet, but are looking forward to seeing how her products play out after purchasing them. She has been using these products for the past 4 years and claims they have cured her of acne and bacteria that was stuck underneath the skin.

Can’t Wait To Update You On This Product!

black owned skincare lines

Black Owned Skincare Caters To Your Skin

Just as it’s important to know what you are putting in your body. It is just as important to know what you’re putting on your body. These skincare brands are seemingly catering to the health of your skin, with the majority using natural ingredients. They’re using things you can recognize on the ingredients label, so you won’t be skeptical about what you’re using. They’re also acknowledging the skincare problems by doing this instead of dressing up the product with a creamy product that smells good. We haven’t tried every single brand on this list, but we intend to!

Have You Tried Any Of These Brands? Let Us Know Which Ones In The Comments And What You Thought Of Your Experience.


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